5 Reasons To Keep A Travel Journal

5 Reasons To Keep A Travel Journal

People love to take photos and videos when abroad, which is a great way to encapsulate the beauty of the country that you’ve visited. However, as popular as these methods are, they often fail to capture the feelings at that particular time, or any thoughts and reflections that you might have had throughout your trip. In order to do this, we’d highly recommend keeping a travel journal, as this will allow you to look back on your adventures abroad and truly remember the feelings and emotions attached to that time in your life. Just complete your EHIC renewal, pack your empty journal and get going! Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should keep a travel journal.

1. A Place For References And Tips

When visiting a country that you’ve fallen in love with, we often continue to return to that place in the future. However, it’s more than easy to completely forget the hidden gems and best restaurants to visit when returning, so keeping a travel journal is a great way to document this. It isn’t just beneficial for you though. If you have a friend or family member visiting the same place in the future, you can be the wealth of information that they need to find the best places to go!

2. Emergency Contacts

Not everyone will include this in their travel journal, however we feel as though this is a very practical approach to take. When travelling solo abroad, people will often write emergency contacts on a small slip of paper, or simply rely on their phone, but what happens when your phone dies or that slip of paper falls out of your pocket? A travel journey is reliable and bulky enough to keep emergency contacts in, so you can rest assured that you’ll have this information accessible at all times.

3. Allow You To Plan Ahead

We all know that flights aren’t the most entertaining, so what better way to spend your time than planning for your trip ahead? Starting your travel journal by making holiday plans is a great way to begin your travels, and is interesting to look back on once you’re on your way home – did you do everything that you wanted to, or is another trip due in the near future?

4. It Helps To Relieve Stress

As much as we all adore holidays, it’s no secret that they can be massively stressful, which can often ruin the entire experience. If you’re feeling a little lost while on your holiday, or attempting to pack your suitcase and massively failing, opening up your travel journal and having a little doodle can really help to get your feelings out on paper. Once you’ve relieved your stress by documenting events and feelings in your travel journal, you can get back to enjoying your holiday.

5. Memories

Ultimately, the number one reason to keep a travel journal is for the memories you have to look back on. Of course, many people prefer to do this via photos on their phone, but why not combine the both and stick your prized pictures in your travel journal? This way, you can reflect on both the holiday itself and your own thoughts and feelings, almost transporting you back in time to when you were sunning it up in Spain or being quintessentially French in Paris.

Documenting special times in our lives can really help us to grow and become better people, as it gives us a chance to reflect on our thoughts and feelings and change the things we aren’t happy about. No matter where you decide to go on your travels, you can rest assured that your travel journal will be your new best friend!

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