A Simple Guide for Beginners to Make Awesome Travel Videos

A Simple Guide for Beginners to Make Awesome Travel Videos

Traveling can be cumbersome. We all don't like traveling. Sometimes you have to travel for business, and it is something unavoidable. But you may also travel for pleasure, and perhaps you do enjoy traveling and do it voluntarily.

One thing is definite about traveling is that you get isolated from your family and friends while traveling (unless you’re traveling with them). It can be an expensive affair, with the cost of air tickets and hotel accommodation relatively high nowadays.

You may visit exotic places and meet interesting people while traveling. You may also experience eating different types of food. When you return and start talking about it, your family and friends could quickly get bored by listening to you. 

But what if you put all your experiences into exciting videos? You could show those videos to your folks back home, and they would enjoy them. You could download a free online slideshow maker to present your videos interestingly.  

However, to consider certain things for making captivating videos, you can try these few tips to get started:

Decide on Your Equipment

You may have seen the behind-the-scenes setup of YouTubers and may be overwhelmed by what they use. You need to realize that it has taken years for most of these people to build up their equipment. Start simple and add on later.

If you are a newbie, buy essential equipment without too many features. Once you become more skilled with your equipment, you can graduate to more sophisticated stuff. Keep your inventory small and manageable.

If you spend too much money on high-end equipment, you may not be able to use all the features of your equipment effectively. Today, video equipment can be highly complex, but you need to know how to use all the features for the best results.

You could start with a DSLR video camera, tripod or gimbal, a good microphone and headphones, and some other essential accessories like extra batteries and memory cards. Or, you can even begin with only a good smartphone if you use it well.

Make a Plan of Your Video

If you don’t have a plan, you will end up going around aimlessly and shooting everything you see. The result of this sort of shooting is that you will end up with tons of footage and you will get overwhelmed trying to sort it out later on.

Instead, before you touch your video camera, decide in your mind what you are going to shoot, where you will do it, and make a list of what you need. It also helps to compose a rough script of what you would like to say in your video.

Put your plan down in writing on a piece of paper. When you start shooting, keep your written plan handy and try to stick to it. That way, you will end up only with footage relevant to your schedule.

Be Consistent

Whether the subject of your videos is wildlife, beautiful landscapes, or about the local people, you need to be consistent in what you shoot. Trying to include everyone and everything in your video will only create a hash-up that won't be interesting.

Pick up a theme for your videos and stick to it. Once you decide on a theme, the more videos you make based on that theme or various themes will make you better as you go along. For instance, you could feature street food or local customs.

Camera Height with People

Here’s a tip that even some experienced video makers may not know. When you are talking to someone, it isn't polite to talk down to them. In the same way, when you record them, you should ensure that your camera is at the same level as they are.

If you have your camera at a higher angle, your subject will seem small and insignificant. Shooting someone who is standing against the backdrop of a vast landscape is alright. But definitely not if you are recording a person at close quarters.

If for instance, you are taking a video recording of a child. Get down to the level of the child for your shot. Your footage will somehow seem as if it is being seen through the eyes of the child. Make sure to use this technique for all people that you shoot.

If you take a shot of a person from a lower level, the person looks taller and more important. In Hollywood, this technique is used so frequently that celebrities often seem taller on film that they actually are!

The Importance of Editing

Back home or in your studio, you have a big task to do, and it is to edit your video. Even the most exciting and breathtaking footage can seem mediocre if it is not edited correctly. Editing can be an enriching experience if you do it well and use proper video editing software.

If you do your editing job properly, you can take raw footage and make it into something beautiful. You may miss some things while recording that you can fix in the editing stage, but other things cannot be restored.

You can download free video editors that help you with transitions, special effects and you can even add stock video and soundtracks. You can use a free logo reveal after effects software for making a stunning intro to your video with a logo maker.

With Some Effort, you can Create Great Travel Videos

You don’t have to be a professional videographer to create beautiful travel videos. But if you whip out your camera or smartphone and start shooting randomly, you are likely to end up with erratic and confusing footage.

Not only do you have to follow the tips that we have outlined here, but you will end up doing some bizarre things as well. For instance, standing immersed in water for hours for that perfect shot of a bird. Or, you may be hiding in the bushes for a close picture of a wild animal. 

Making awesome travel videos is a simple thing to do with the right approach. The key is to plan your objectives even before you set out. If you prepare well and carry everything you need, you will be bound to succeed.


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