What to Prepare For Your First Trip To Prague?

What to Prepare For Your First Trip To Prague Travel Guide

With lots of historic buildings, beautiful vistas, and flavorsome food, Prague presents an excellent destination regardless of the time of year you choose to visit. Since the historic city experiences comparatively extreme seasons, the wise wanderers must consult a checklist prior to setting off. Most travelers will think about their choice of wardrobe first, but there is actually more than just clothing when planning and packing in readiness for your first trip to Prague. Here are important points to remember when preparing for your trip.

1. Wardrobe Essentials

Knowing what to pack is even more stressful than preparing and planning your itinerary. For this reason, we have compiled a simple guide that will certainly make things much easier for you. Temperatures range from 20s during summertime to subzero in winter, while nights are mostly colder. However, in the event that you forget to carry enough weather-appropriate clothing, you will be glad to discover that Prague boasts of having many stylish clothing boutiques (read: enough reasons to go on a shopping spree). Since you can expect to do lots of trekking in this historic city, pack comfortable boots or shoes. Make sure they are suitable for walking on cobbled streets. To deter the pickpockets, a cross-body bag comes in handy.

2. Where To Stay

Prague is a bit confusing, especially if you try to figure out its layout. The layout of the city is separated into several numbered districts with no reason or rhyme to the organization. Staying in the popular Prague 3 area means you can explore the cheaper accommodation options while still being close to the action. The area commonly known as Zizkov is said to have the most number of bars per capita in the entire Europe. So, party on while touring the region. Whether you decide to stay in an apartment or a hostel, you’ll gladly discover that there are many options to choose from. Travel experts say the Brix Hostel may not be located in the heart of this historic city; however, you can rely on the nearby transport system, which is quite good and the quality accommodation offered to travelers.

3. Must-see sites

Even a long weekend is enough to explore the best of the numerous attractions and sites Prague has to offer. A good number of the must-see sites in Prague are located in the Old Town. If you visit the labyrinthine streets that surround the Old Town Square, you can check out several historic sites, including Kinsk Palace, the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, St Nicholas Church, and the Town Hall (features the famous astronomical city clock). The Prague Castle complex is yet another important highlight, as it is home to a variety of historical buildings and cultural sites ranging from the ancient cathedrals to the royal palaces. Explore the remarkable Old Royal Palace and peek inside St Vitus Cathedral (the city’s key temple).

It is evident from above that there are many aspects to consider while preparing for your first trip to Prague. Even though there are more items to include in your checklist, the aforementioned preparation tips will help you get started as you look forward to spending a memorable tour encounter in Prague.


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