Fly fancy private jet charter flights

Fly fancy with private jet charter flights

Traveling via airplanes is easily one of the better transportation options. Quite possibly one of the best inventions- ever.

Imagine if old century ships still exist and going from one continent to another takes months- something that can be done within just a few hours because of air transportation.

But it gets better because of the use of private jets.

Private jet charter flights are not only used for business purposes, but also for personal reasons, and regardless of how heavy it can be on the pocket, this type of air transportation is still one of the most highly preferred ones- and it’s not a surprise why.

But first, let’s plunge into the process of chartering flights.

How do charter flights work?

Chartering a private jet, as the term implies, involves hiring a private aircraft to travel to your destination.

It all starts in consultation with a private jet charter company wherein you’ll have to submit a request for a quotation. Pricing involves several factors, but the most common ones are the destination, available aircraft, and modifications.

We did not mention the number of guests to come aboard, as pricing can be the same whether you’re flying solo or with the company.

The main idea here is you’re renting the whole jet.

Choose a credible private jet charter company that can make this a worthwhile experience. Fast Private Jet, for example, prides itself on its swift management of customer requests and its excellent client service.

Perks of flying in a private jet


This is one of the top benefits of hiring a private jet charter flight. With no one else but your chosen company onboard the jet, you wouldn’t have to worry about having the best level of privacy.

Private jets have very limited seating capacity, guaranteeing that there will not be any case of overcrowding (Yup, none of that stuffy feeling you get from commercial flights).


With privacy comes top-notch security- from booking to payment to the actual flight, private jet transactions are done with utmost security measures to ensure a client’s safety and peace of mind.

Choose the right jet for you

This will hinge on a few factors such as the number of guests, destination, and aircraft availability.

Different jets cater to different capacity requirements, with some being smaller than others and some offering more seats to accommodate more guests on the flight.

The destination is another key factor as jet variants have different maximum flying hours.

Last but not the least, the availability of aircraft can differ on a day-to-day basis, or might also depend on the route. It is best to check with a private jet charter company like Fast Private Jet regarding aircraft and crew availability.

Save on travel time

There’s no denying that one of the most bothersome aspects of flying commercially is the long waiting hours before, during, and after boarding. There’s just so much going on, so many people to sit, and worse, flights even get delayed for several unforeseen reasons.

With chartering a private jet, you save so much on time so you get to your destination faster. From checking-in to disembarking and customs- fast and easy!


Chartered private jets come in different types and sizes. The amenities of each jet will depend on which type of aircraft you will select.

Every aircraft is guaranteed to be spacious and have amenities typically not found in commercial planes.

What do you think about full-sized shower rooms? Perfectly comfortable lounge chairs? Some types of jets even have entertainment rooms! Believe us, movies are best watched in high-definition huge flat screens than those rather compact airplane tablets.

Sizeable bathrooms easily trump over small rooms lavatories and if your flight will take some time, then you can definitely get comfy in private jet bedrooms.

Chartering private jet flights can definitely feel like a hotel on air!


The luxury doesn’t stop with the amenities, as it also carries over to the different modifications you can make on a private jet.

Want to add a little personal touch to the interior? You absolutely can!

Hiring a private jet lets you choose your preferences in terms of furniture and the overall look of the inside of the jet. Now talk about fancy!

Not only that, but you can also request a special menu curated just for you. Enjoy an elegant meal by a professional chef 40,000 feet off the ground.

Fly fancy with private jet charter flights
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