The 5 Most Beautiful Buildings in Europe

The 5 Most Beautiful Buildings in Europe

Can you think of one of the leading reasons people love to visit Europe? You guessed it—the beautiful, monumental historical sights. Europe is home to some of the most famous and interesting buildings in the world that many people only dream of visiting. Many people in the world would travel from far and distant lands just for a glimpse of some of the beautiful and renowned architecture of Europe.

Whether you’re wanting to take a stroll through the exciting and mythical times of Ancient Greece or stand in awe of the gorgeous, dark, and mysterious French Gothic structures—Europe has some of the World’s finest architecture that will take your breath away.

Though beauty truly is subjective, we have compiled a list of the most beautiful buildings in Europe so you can add them on your bucket list for sights to see.

5.Winter Palace, Russia

This beautiful monument is best known for its elegant and sophisticated architecture. This amazing green and white palace was built from the 1730s and continuously through 1837 and involved thousands of skilled laborers to build.

The Winter Palace became part of the State Hermitage Museum on 17 October 1917 and holds some of the world’s most cherished artwork and artifacts— from famous paintings to cherished gold treasures.

The Winter Palace has 60,000 square meters of floor space and has 1786 doors all in which is open to the public—many people from all over the world come to tour this magnificent palace. One of the largest and most beautiful rooms in the palace is the St. George Hall which is also known as the Great Throne Room. It is lavishly decorated with gold accents along the walls and was once used to hold councils.  

4. The Colosseum, Italy

One of Rome’s biggest tourists’ attractions—The Colosseum’s construction started between 70 and 72 AD and was finished in 80 AD. People line up and wait for hours to take a tour of this fascinating monument. Though much of the structure has been destroyed by natural disasters, vandalism, and weather, the monument still attracts people from all over the world.

The Ancient Romans used this structure as a sporting arena—including gladiator fights and live animal hunts. Over 80,000 spectators could be seated in The Colosseum—watching and cheering on their favorite successors.

Several different materials were used in the creation of this amazing building including tiles, bricks, mortar, and Roman cement—made of lime and river sand. It took approximately 60,000 slaves to build The Colosseum.

3. Parthenon, Greece

This richly designed temple of Ancient Greece housed many sculptures and was originally dedicated to Greek mythological Athena. Later, in the sixth century AD, the structure was used as a Christian church. Considering the absolute beauty in the material and architecture of this building, it comes at no surprise Parthenon made our list.

This huge marble temple is in Athens and was one of the most powerful cities in Greece in the 5th century which is when The Parthenon was built. The massive columns with their vertical lines show that this temple is a Doric Temple; a specific style of Greek architecture.

This famous structure’s columns were constructed with marble—there had never been a building that used so much of this stone on a Greek temple. Using Pentelic marble for much of this structure created a purely white and clean appearance. Pentelic marble was used a lot in Ancient Rome and used especially for many of Rome's most famous monuments including some of the most famous sculptures that have come out of Rome.

2. Tallinn Town Hall, Estonia

If you’re a fan of Gothic architecture, you’re going to love this next European building on our list. In fact, the Tallinn Town Hall is the only surviving Gothic town hall in Northern Europe and displays some of the most beautiful detail.
Dating back to the 13th century—the beautiful building features colorful and intriguing halls, vaulted ceilings, and some truly amazing cultural artifacts. The Gothic architecture is fascinating and impressive—the building serves as a beautiful centerpiece of the city. The Tallinn Town Hall not only serves as a museum and concert hall but also the ceremonial building of the city government.

The beautiful decorative details of Estonia’s oldest woodcarvings are truly inspiring—the interior of the building holds some of the city’s most treasured artworks.

1. Sagrada FamΓ­lia, Spain

Displaying an impressive mix of building structure, artistry, and aesthetics, this next building will leave you inspired and amazed; Sagrada FamΓ­lia of Spain. The Spanish Architect Antoni Gaudi, famously known as ‘God’s Architect’ began designing this beautiful church is 1882 and continues to be under construction. The building counts as the longest running architectural project in the world.
The idea of Antoni Gaudi’s design was to make every detail of the Church to represent the symbolism of the Catholic faith. Inside the renowned Church displays a knotted rope construction that is almost tree or branch-like—as GaudΓ­ wanted his church to resemble nature.

Being that it’s been under construction for more than a century—you might be wondering, ‘Will it ever be finished?’ It’s been said that the beautiful structure will be has entered its final stages of completion and is projected to be done by 2026. The reason for its prolonged construction is due to the complexity and ingenious design—you really can’t rush perfection!

Though many of these beautiful buildings may come from very different backgrounds and serve different purposes, they all leave us in a state of wonder and awe. The architecture of each of these buildings differ in many ways in terms of style, structure, and material but they all stem from the purpose of community and gathering.  

It truly is amazing to see how different cultures and society’s attempt to leave their mark on the world, each depicting their style and technique. Hopefully, we have left you feeling inspired and motivated to get out and view the world and the beautiful structures just waiting to be explored. Which monument are you most excited to visit?

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