Private Jet Travel: 5 Reasons You Should Consider It

Travelling on a private jet is nothing like flying on a public plane, even when compared to the best business class arrangements around the world. This is not to say that business class travel doesn’t have its own perks, but when compared with the experience of commuting via aircraft charter flights, it just cannot deliver the same level of flexibility, convenience, or time management. In case you are thinking about shifting to a private jet hire service to manage your frequent travel schedules better, but cannot decide on it yet, consider the following reasons as to why it might be the best move you have ever made in terms of managing domestic and international travelling for business.

Saving Time

To a small but prominent portion of the business class, no other commodity is of more value than time, and that includes money as well. The extra monetary cost necessary to save time is well worth it to them because even that expense is actually an investment in productivity. With this point in mind, consider the fact that no other form of flying is faster than private jet charter flights because of the very nature of private jet travel. Take a look at the following points to understand why a private jet rental is the fastest form of business transportation by air.

1. You can pretty much book a private jet flight whenever you need to, irrespective of the date or time.

2. It hardly takes an hour or two for the flight to be prepared for take-off.

3. Unlike public flights, you can take your time to complete anything important that you might have pending before getting on your flight because you are free to arrive even a just few minutes before the departure time.

4. The are no infamous airline queues to delay you since you and your companions are the only ones traveling on this flight.

5. The plane will land directly on your destination airport without any layovers, under normal circumstances.

6. Whether it’s your staff or you who need to get some work done during the flight, you are free to do so as most business class private jets are well equipped to handle any and all office needs. This essentially turns your flight time into a very enjoyable and productive office session.


Deals and negotiations at the highest levels demand at least some form of secrecy and it doesn’t get more private and secret than traveling on a private jet. If you are traveling on a public plane, it is easy for the competition to know where you are headed, but when you go private, that information is as secure as it gets in the world of business.

Office meetings on a business flight are quite common, but unless you are flying private, there’s always the chance of being overheard and, of course, there are limitations to what you can talk about or do, even in business class since there are other passengers there.


While privacy in itself is a convenience, there’s more to it than just that. For example, not only can you set your own departure time and arrive minutes earlier without having to worry about anything, you can also delay the departure time if you need to. It’s a flight dedicated to taking you to your destination, so at the risk of sounding pompous, it would be right to say that you can pretty much fly whenever you want to, within reason of course! Your private jet will wait for you, instead of what we are all used to in the public aviation industry; waiting in line for hours and often learning that the flight has been delayed anyway.

If you are traveling domestically in the UK, know that there is no shortage of airports that allow private planes, which means you can pretty much land near any place that you need to. This is particularly convenient for saving time and effort, as one can basically choose to land on whichever airport is the closest to your ultimate destination. Even when traveling internationally, rest assured that you will find an airport near your destination, as long as you are traveling to a developed part of the world.

Perhaps the biggest convenience of traveling via private jets is the freedom it offers. Aside from the already discussed freedom of holding private meetings, everyone is always allowed to bring most types of personal items that they want with them on the flight. In case you are wondering if you can bring your pet along with you for the trip, then the answer is yes, you can. Of course, this might be more complicated in case of international travel, as the laws differ a lot depending on the region, but it’s not impossible either. From a business point of view though, this is particularly convenient since carrying product samples becomes so much easier.

The More Economic Option

Private jet charter flights may not seem like the most economical option from the outset, but ironically enough, it can actually be so. Paramount Business Jets have made this a possible by reducing the sky-high costs previously associated with private jet travel and abolishing the need to commit. They still offer some of the most world-class, luxurious and safe domestic and international flying experience that one can have on a private jet, but without allowing the associated costs to become unnecessarily high. Besides, if you add up the cost of providing business class tickets to everyone traveling on business and the cost of accommodation (until the next flight), private jets will start to seem like an economical option that is in perception more sophisticated and elite than business class travel.

The Prestige Factor

A large part of doing business is about building an image and when you arrive for an important business meeting in a private jet, that image does get a very big boost. It shows people that the business you are associated with is doing well and time is of the utmost importance to them. It also prestigiously separates your party from most other corporate executives who generally travel in business class.

The life of a businessman or a high-ranked official in a firm is always busy, and while that’s good for business, it does take a chunk out of their personal lives. The time which aircraft charter flights help to save can actually help in this regard as well. Traveling via private jet might very well be the difference between spending the night at home and spending the night in a hotel room. Over time, those saved hours add up and make a huge difference in both personal and professional life.

The benefits mentioned here almost makes it feel like traveling via private jets on business is the only logical option, but in spite of that, many companies fail to take advantage of it. Nevertheless, that’s good news really because that is also what helps to maintain a sense of rare sophistication with the very concept of private jet charter flights. Until the time when charter flights become quite common for business traveling, it makes sense to treat the exclusivity as an advantage because that’s exactly what it is.

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