Flying Private from The Philippines to Canada: The Epitome of Comfort and Ease

Flying Private from The Philippines to Canada: The Epitome of Comfort and Ease

So you and your family have been on holiday in the Philippines. It's been a long few years of COVID panic and restrictions, so you decided that, since restrictions have started to ease up, it was time to embrace travel once again and treat your nearest and dearest to exploring somewhere new and exciting. Manila in the Philippines is the cultural hub of the country; so where better to take your family on vacation!

You’ve taken walking tours of the old city, you’ve headed out to Tagaytay and taken in the glory of the Taal volcano and the clear ocean that surrounds it. You’ve watched traditional Milanese dancing and bathed in the Pagsanjan Falls, but now it’s time to head home. You thought about flying commercial, but imagine how uncomfortable it would be if you ended up in a seat next to a mother with a screaming baby all the way home! Or how unfortunate it would be if you and your family had gone to all lengths to avoid contact with any illnesses and one of you caught something on the plane flight back to Canada. It is a much better idea to start asking around as to where to rent a private jet service.

Renting a Private Jet Service

It has never been so safe or straightforward to rent a private jet in the Philippines, or anywhere else for that matter! The process is much the same, wherever you are in the world. First, you’ll need to select your airline. There are many wonderful options, but we suggest checking out the customer reviews for honest and unbiased opinions on which service will best fulfill your needs. Next, you’ll need to take careful note of the requirements for entering Canada.

Firstly, you’ll need to use the ArriveCAN app to register your travel plans and other information a full 72 hours before you land in Canada. You will not be permitted to enter the country if you have not submitted your details within sufficient time using the ArriveCAN app. Here is the info you’ll need to submit through the app before arriving home in Canada.

  1. The purpose of your travel
  2. What kind of citizenship you have in Canada
  3. The date and time of your arrival, where you will be arriving
  4. Your flight details
  5. Your vaccination details and status
  6. COVID test results or your exemption from COVID testing

Don't forget that you’ll need to provide your receipt from the app. The Canadian government has made things straightforward for all travelers entering their country, whether you are a citizen returning after a holiday or someone emigrating or immigrating. They have taken all the drama out of the end of your holiday and made things easy.

Traveling by Private Jet

Now that you have all the regulatory stuff sorted out, you can relax and enjoy your private flight! The benefits of flying private versus flying commercial are incredible. Instead of queuing for hours, you’ll be able to board your private flight in a leisurely fashion. Once everyone is checked in, and aboard the plane, it is time for takeoff, where all of the usual flight procedures apply. Once you’re up in the air, you have time to watch a movie, take a nap, have a snack...whatever you like! All private jet services offer slightly different in-flight options, but for the most part, you’re able to do all of these things in a luxurious, private setting. If you need specific food options, like gluten-free or vegan, you’ll need to note it when you book the flight so that the flight crew can be sure to get the right meals to the right people.

The benefits of flying with a private jet rental service are entirely worth the cost. There's nothing worse than having an incredible holiday with your family and then arriving home stressed out and possibly sick. This would completely negate all the relaxing and therapeutic effects of the holiday! Enjoy all the time that you spend with your family, even on the flight home.

On a private plane, you and your loved ones can unwind and talk about all the fun you had on your holiday. You can look at all the wonderful photos and compare experiences; you can watch the silly videos that you took of each other or even catch some z’s and arrive at home restored and rested, ready to take Canada by storm again.

Wrap Up

Traveling home can be the worst part of a vacation, but if you read through this article thoroughly, it’ll be easy breezy and worry-free. Take your time traveling through the Philippines, enjoy experiencing this beautiful and exotic country. Rent your private jet to fly home to Canada and use the ArriveCAN app to sort out all of your requirements for re-entry to the country. You’ll love flying privately so much that you’ll never fly commercial again!


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