Why Should You Invest in a Property in Greece?

Why Should You Invest in a Property in Greece?

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries along the coastline, rich in culture, history, and the arts. Greek real estate is one of the best places to invest your money. In recent years, Greek properties have borne excellent return on investment. Some of the highlights of the Greek coastline are the Corfu and Rhodes islands or the Peloponnese. Cultural excellence and beautiful views are just the tips of the iceberg– there are many other reasons why investing in a property in Greece would be a wise choice. We've listed four of them below:

The economy of Greece is picking up

The news of the downfall of Greece's economy spread like wildfire a while back. It was a global sensation for a long time. However, things are much better now. Athens, the capital, for instance, is on the rise. The Greek economy's recovery is going faster than speculated, which is a great plus point favoring Greece and the investors. Since the economy is just starting to pick up, businesses are not in the absolute best state, which gives investors a chance to buy great property at a relatively lower price. And the investment won't take decades to realize since the economy is recovering. All in all, this is a perfect time for investors looking to buy some fine property at an attractive price.

The climate and the view

Imagine spending a vacation with your family at a summer home in Greece, waking up to bright sunshine along the coastline, enjoying a fulfilling breakfast with a picturesque view. Wouldn't that be great? A vacation home for you to spend some quality time off the grid. And the best part about it is, you can earn a handsome amount by renting it out to tourists when you are not using it.

This is all the more reason to purchase property in Greece, as you'd reap some great return on investment, whichever way you put it to use - breathtaking views for you to enjoy or for your visitors, in exchange for a handful of money. It's the holiday season all year-round in Greece, with 300 days of crisp sunshine.

Affiliation to the Schengen region

Twenty-six countries from Europe came together and formed what is referred to as the Schengen group of countries. The internal borders of these countries were abolished for the free movement of people. That means that people with a visa to one Schengen country can easily travel to others. Property in Greece gives you accessibility to the rest of Europe as Greece is a part of the Schengen group. Not only that, buying a property in a country that is a part of Schengen allows you to reside in other affiliated countries for up to 90 days, every six months. And another significant benefit is the ease of access. The visitors to your property can freely enjoy their stay in any of the twenty-five countries, with hassle-free custom checks. Greece golden visa program is another way to go if you want to reap those benefits.

Rich in tourism

Greece is rich in tourism, with visitors all around the year due to its rich climate. Even though it's a small country, you will barely be able to go through everything in one go. There's always something to look forward to in Greece. This makes hosting visitors an easy and very profitable venture.

Final Words

Greece is a great place for you to buy property from a personal and business point of view. Picturesque views at relatively low costs are a great upside. The financial crisis has been a big blow for the economy, and properties are affordable and up for grabs. With its steadily booming economy, now is the best to buy your summer home in Greece and reap the returns on investment, which will be slow but abundant.


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