TRB OKs Provisional Toll Rates for Skyway Stage 3: How Much are the Toll Fees?

How much are the Toll Fess Skyway Stage 3

The Skyway Stage 3 was opened on December 28, 2020. Toll is free until today. But, until when?

In a press statement that was released by the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) through their Facebook account, they announced that they have approved the provisional toll rates for Skyway Stage 3. After following procedures and requirements, it will then be followed by an issuance of authority to collect or Toll Operating Permit (TOP) so SMC could start collecting toll fees from the road users.

UPDATE: SMC annouced that it will start collecting toll fess at Skyway Stage 3 on July 12, 2021. Check out the toll fee matrix here.

SKYWAY STAGE 3 TOLL FEES (Approved Provisional Toll Rates)

The following provisional toll rates for the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 Project has been approved by the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) yesterday, 25 March 2021:

For Class 1 Vehicles
  • Buendia to Sta. Mesa: P105.00
  • Sta Mesa to Ramon Magsaysay: P30.00
  • Ramon Magsaysay to NLEX Balintawak: P129.00
  • Buendia to NLEX Balintawak: P264.00

For Class 2 Vehicles
  • Buendia to Sta. Mesa: P210.00
  • Sta Mesa to Ramon Magsaysay: P60.00
  • Ramon Magsaysay to NLEX Balintawak: P258.00
  • Buendia to NLEX Balintawak: P528.00
For Class 3 Vehicles
  • Buendia to Sta. Mesa: P315.00
  • Sta Mesa to Ramon Magsaysay: P90.00
  • Ramon Magsaysay to NLEX Balintawak: P387.00
  • Buendia to NLEX Balintawak: P792.00

Also stated in the press statement:

The provisional Toll Fee Matrix will be published once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks and a bond will be required to be posted by the Petitioner.

Please note, however, that the approval of provisional toll rates does not automatically mean that the proponent may immediately be given the authority to start collecting toll fees.

The Supplemental Toll Operation Agreement (STOA) has the following procedures and requirements before an authority to collect or Toll Operating Permit (TOP) can be issued:

1. The project must be “substantially completed”. The conditions for substantial completion are as follows:

A. Project is at least 95% complete.

An assessment was submitted by an independent consultant earlier this month stating that the facility is already 97%. This assessment is now subject to evaluation and validation by the Board.

B. The project must conform to the approved final engineering design.

C. The project is capable of being operated safely and commercially.

D. The toll road facilities thereon have been installed.

The installation of Toll Collection Equipment and System, which are needed to collect tolls, by the CENTRAL Metro Manila Skyway Corporation, is ongoing. A joint testing amongst the TRB, the proponent and Independent Consultant will commence on Monday, 29 March 2021, in areas where installation was completed, to ensure that there are no system glitches or flaws to avoid a repeat of the RFID problems we had in the past.

Upon compliance to the above stated requirements, the publication of the toll fee matrix and posting of the required bond, a TOP may be issued together with the Notice to Start Collection.

Rest assured that it is the position of the Toll Regulatory Board, composed of the Department of Transportation, the Department of Public Works and Highways, the Department of Finance, and the National Economic Development Authority, to always come up with a decision that will be fair to the motorists, to the project proponent, and, to the Filipino people.

SKYWAY STAGE 3 Entry and Exit Points

Skyway Stage 3 northbound ramps:

  • Buendia (Zobel) on-ramp
  • Quezon Avenue on-ramp
  • Quirino Avenue off-ramp
  • A. Bonifacio off-ramp
  • Balintawak off-ramp

Skyway Stage 3 southbound ramps:

  • Balintawak on-ramp
  • Quezon Avenue on-ramp
  • Plaza Dilao on-ramp
  • Quezon Avenue off-ramp
  • E. Rodriguez off-ramp
  • Buendia (Zobel) off-ramp

When they start collecting toll fees, they will be using Autosweep RFID. So, be sure you have an Autosweep RFID installed on your vehicle.



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