Exploring Breathtakingly Beautiful Spots in Greece


Stunning beaches, great food, beautiful scenery, and the warm Hellenic welcome it’s known for, Greece is a wonderful Mediterranean paradise worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Despite the negative events it has suffered in recent years with its economy and the other crises it’s facing, Greece still is worth the visit, and definitely has something to offer to any traveler.

Like any destination, however, there are a number of things you’ll need to know about the country before you start exploring the beautiful spots it has to offer. We’ve compiled a list of travel tips you’ll need to know when you’re in Greece.


1. A Relaxed Atmosphere

For a lot of people who love making plans and sticking to those plans, it might come as a surprise as to how laid back a lot of the locals are. Whether it’s transportation or any other aspect of life, everything moves at a glacial pace. This is true in any Mediterranean country, but Greece tends to take this to a whole new level. It wouldn’t do to stress out about it, however, so just go with the flow and enjoy the chill atmosphere.

2. Visit the Islands

Island hopping has always been a popular pastime in Greece, especially in its heyday during the 70’s and 80’s. Nowadays, however, many people prefer to just stay on one island during their entire stay. Exploring many of the islands and the surrounding seas, however, has its own merits. Numerous ferry services that offer island hopping packages and the best Greek cruises are still in operation around the Greek waters and can offer memories you won’t soon forget.


3. Avoid the Peak Season

It might do you a world of good if you avoid Greece during the peak season of July and August, unless you have no other choice. It’s during this time when the sun gets blisteringly hot, the streets overcrowded, and the prices skyrocket. Visiting Greece earlier in May or June can still give you warmer days without being uncomfortable, while September and October offer the best time to go to the beach.

4. Eat Like the Locals

It gets casual in Greece and eating out is no exception. Walk around a bit and look for the places where the locals actually eat. The food and drink in these places are generally top notch and don’t cost you much. The Greeks do tend to eat late though, so put that into consideration if you’re looking for some grub. As for stuff to drink, always go for the local barreled wine. They’re cheaper and better quality than the bottled ones.

5. Explore the Mainland

While the islands of Greece offer the best places to visit on vacation, you shouldn’t forget that the mainland itself has much to offer. Aside from the great geographical features, like the Pindos mountains or the beaches of Peloponnese, there are also archaeological sites worth visiting. You are in the heartland of the ancient Greek Empire, after all, so do a bit of touring. You’ll never know what you’ll find.

Once you’ve settled in and began relaxing, it should no longer be a secret why Greek hospitality is so renowned all over the world. Greece is a beautiful country, filled with rich culture, friendly people and lovely food. It has everything from ancient ruins to verdant valleys to a thriving nightlife. The people aren’t the only ones who are hospitable, but the very land is as well. You’ll know this once you get there.

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