How to get to Sapporo in Hokkaido Japan from Manila Philippines?

How to get to Sapporo in Hokkaido Japan from Manila Philippines?

Ohayo gozaimasu! Konnichiwa! Konbanwa! Oh, yes! I still have a hangover of my recent Japan trip! Hahaha!

If you’ve been following my posts and stories on my Instagram account (@pinoyadventurista), you probably know by now that I recently spent 8 days in the beautiful City of Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan. It’s a winter wonderland adventure that is truly as magical as the ones I only see on postcards.

No adventure trip is more exciting than when you are taken to a place you once dreamed of. Living in a tropical country, I always dreamed of spending a holiday in a snowy place and enjoy a winter wonderland adventure. And I guess, the nearest country from the Philippines where one could really experience winter is Japan - specifically Hokkaido Prefecture which is the northern islands of this beautiful country.

How to get to Sapporo in Hokkaido Japan from Manila Philippines?
Konnichiwa Sapporo!

If you've been following me for quite some time now you probably know that Japan is one of my favorite countries abroad. Who wouldn't fall in love with Japan? Its courteous and respectful people, the food, the culture, the amazing transportation system, its four seasons, and the list goes on and on. There's really so much more to love about Japan that keeps me wanting to visit it again and again.

How to get to Sapporo in Hokkaido Japan from Manila Philippines?
FIRST LEG: Manila to Narita, Japan

This is my fifth time to visit Japan, but it's my first in Hokkaido Prefecture. That is why I am so happy when Jetstar Asia Airways in partnership with the Hokkaido Government invited me to be part of their Sapporo Familiarization Tour along with other bloggers, influencers, and writers from the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Australia. On this trip, we will be visiting some of the top tourist spots in Sapporo and other parts of Hokkaido. Known for its volcanoes, natural hot springs and ski resorts, Hokkaido is the second largest island and the northernmost prefecture in Japan. Popular for its winter festivals and mountains covered with thick snow, it really made me very excited to be part of this familiarization tour!

Sapporo Travel Guide Flight from Manila to SapporoSapporo Travel Guide Flight from Manila to Sapporo
NAIA Terminal 1

Jetstar Airways is one of the leading budget airlines in Asia Pacific. Based in Singapore, it is a subsidiary of the Australian flag-carrier Qantas Airways. It has several flights originating from and going to numerous Southeast Asian destinations, including the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. As one of Asia Pacific's low-cost carriers offering affordable airfares, it has been a popular choice for budget travelers wanting to get the most of their money's worth in getting to their desired destinations without compromising comfort, safety, and convenience. Jetstar Asia Airways also flies to other Asian destinations such as Japan, Hong Kong, India, China, Taiwan, and of course in major cities in Australia as well.

How to get to Sapporo in Hokkaido Japan from Manila Philippines?
Ready for our flight to Narita, Japan

From Manila, Jetstar Asia Airways' flights depart from Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1. We arrived at the airport 3 hours ahead of the scheduled flight for us have enough time to check-in, pay the travel tax, and to clear the immigration.

Upon arrival at the airport, we proceeded first to the TIEZA Counter to pay for the Philippine Travel Tax (PHP 1,620). We then approached the check-in counter to check-in for our flight. Be sure that you line up at the correct line because there are 2 lines at Jetstar's check-in counters. One is bound for Kansai (Osaka) and the other one is bound for Narita (Tokyo).

Since we know that our flight is a connecting flight via Tokyo, we lined up at the Narita line at the check-in counters.

Checking-in was fast. We just gave our passports and the receipt of our Philippine travel tax payment to the Jestar staff at the check-in counter and she quickly checked us in, including my friend's checked-in baggage. She then gave us our boarding passes and attached the baggage claim stub on the boarding pass for our flight to Narita. She also reminded us to claim the baggage upon arrival at Narita International Airport and check-in again for our domestic flight to Sapporo.

How to get to Sapporo in Hokkaido Japan from Manila Philippines?
NAIA Terminal 1

We then filled up our departure cards and proceeded to the immigration. It's quite a good experience clearing the immigration because there are no long lines. Yey! This is what I love about "red eye flights," there's not too many people at the airport.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before booking your flights, be sure that you have a valid Japan visa. In my case, I have a multiple entry tourist visa which is in my old passport. Since I am now using a new passport, I brought my old passport and gave it to the immigration officer along with my new passport.

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After clearing Philippine immigration, we then proceeded to the boarding area to wait for our flight which is scheduled to leave at 12:50 AM.

Sapporo Travel Guide Flight from Manila to Sapporo JapanSapporo Travel Guide Flight from Manila to Sapporo Japan
Boarding time!

Boarding is well-organized. First to board are passengers needing special assistance, traveling with children and senior citizens, and those seated at the exit rows. Boarding into the plane, we were welcomed by the lovely and smiling Jetstar flight attendants as we enter the aircraft. There are also other flight attendants at the middle of the plane and also at the back who are ready to assist passengers who might be needing help in finding their seats and in stowing their hand-carry luggage at the overhead bin. After about 30 minutes, the boarding process was completed and we're ready to depart Manila.

Sapporo Travel Guide Flight from Manila to Sapporo Japan
Say hello to the lovely Jetstar Japanese crew!

The flight from Manila to Narita is about 4 hours which I barely noticed because I was sleeping during the flight. After the safety procedure demo and take-off, I quickly fell as sleep. Hahaha!

Sapporo Travel Guide Flight from Manila to Sapporo Japan
Safety procedure demo inside the plane.

Jetstar Asia Airways' Manila to Sapporo route has a stopover at Narita International Airport's Terminal 3. We arrived in Narita at around 6:00 AM. Please note that there is a time difference between Japan and the Philippines. Japan being ahead by 1 hour.

Jetstar Manila to Japan Promo Flights Seat Sale Cheap AirfareJetstar Manila to Japan Promo Flights Seat Sale Cheap Airfare
Hello Narita!

Jetstar Manila to Japan Promo Flights Seat Sale Cheap Airfare
To the arrival area.

Jetstar Manila to Japan Promo Flights Seat Sale Cheap Airfare
Welcome to Narita International Airport!

After exiting the plane, we walked to the arrival area, cleared Japan immigration, and went to the baggage claim area to get our checked-in bags. We then proceeded to the domestic area and to check-in for the 2nd leg of our flight which is a domestic flight to New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido. Good thing that our flight from Manila was not delayed, because this next flight is scheduled to depart at 08:05 AM.

Jetstar Manila to Japan Promo Flights Seat Sale Cheap Airfare
Jetstar check-in kiosks.

I love this leg of the flight. Here, we got to use Jetstar's self-check-in kiosks at Narita International Airport. We entered our flight's booking number, and checked-in ourselves. Then the machine printed our boarding passes and the baggage tags for our checked-in baggage which we attached to our bags. These self-check-in kiosks are very convenient and easy to use.

Jetstar Manila to Japan Promo Flights Seat Sale Cheap AirfareJetstar Manila to Japan Promo Flights Seat Sale Cheap Airfare
Checking-in for our domestic flight to Sapporo in Hokkaido Japan.

We then proceeded to the bag drop counter for my friend's checked-in bag. Please note that Jetstar is strict with the weight of the baggage. We both have 20 kilos pre-booked baggage allowance and free 7 kilos carry-on baggage. But since I always travel light, I don't need to check-in any bag, but I still need to have my backpack checked and tagged as hand-carry luggage.

Make sure that your hand carry bag is within the allowed weight of 7 kilograms. The staff at the check-in counter asked for my backpack so she could weigh it. It weighs 7.5 kilos and it's okay with her. I guess, my tip is just don't exceed 8 kilos and they will allow it as hand-carry. For my friend's checked-in bag, it only weighs around 15 kilos, so the staff scanned the tag that we attached on the luggage and put the claim stub into his boarding pass.

Jetstar Manila to Japan Promo Flights Seat Sale Cheap Airfare
Jetstar Airways' bag drop counters.

We then walked towards the boarding area, passing through all the security checks. It's a bit far, but it's okay.

We even passed a bridge going to the the boarding area with this view! Nice noh?

Jetstar Manila to Japan Promo Flights Seat Sale Cheap Airfare
Narita International Airport Terminal 3

The boarding area is huge and not crowded. It has many sitting areas with long couches where passengers can lounge while waiting to board the aircraft.

Jetstar Airways' boarding area

We arrived at the boarding area at around 07:10 AM, so we still have some time to burn. Since boarding time is around 07:40 AM, I went to the toilet to add another layer of jacket, and then I checked on the Jetstar Shop while waiting for our flight. The shop sells different merchandise, drinks, and some snacks that you can munch on while waiting for your flight.

Jetstar Airways Shop

At exactly 07:40 AM, we were called to board the plane bound for Sapporo via Hokkaido's New Chitose Airport. Again, the boarding process were quick and well-organized. And I love that we used a jet bridge going to the aircraft and our flight is on time.

SECOND LEG: Narita to New Chitose in Hokkaido Japan

After all the passengers have boarded the plane, the usual safety demonstration was conducted by the flight attendants. We took off at around 08:05 AM. After the plane had reached its cruising altitude, the flight attendants began serving food for those who pre-ordered. But since I haven't had breakfast, I decided to try their in-flight meal and ordered the Chicken Katsu Curry which costs 1,000 Yen. The chicken is tender and the curry sauce is so yummy! I love the smell of it, which really makes me feel that am now in Japan! Hahaha!

In-flight meal: Chicken Katsu Curry

Compared to our Manila to Narita flight, this Narita to Sapporo (Hokkaido) flight is a breeze. It's only around 1 hour and 40 minutes and our expected time of arrival at New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido is 09:45 AM.

So, the moment I finished my meal, I had a quick nap and woke up when we're about to land at New Chitose Airport. Half asleep, I peeked into the window and this breathtaking view snow-covered landscape greeted me! AMAZINGLY WOW!!!

OMG!!! Hello Hokkaido!

Not to be "cheesy" or sentimental, but I felt like wanna cry when I first saw Hokkaido. It was just a dream for me to experience winter in Hokkaido, and I am so happy that finally, my dream is coming true.

Touchdown Hokkaido Japan!

I'm so happy to be here! Touchdown Hokkaido!

We went out of the plane, walked towards the arrival area, and then to the baggage claim area to get our checked-in baggage.

New Chitose Airport is quite huge. It's an airport with a huge shopping mall with lots of shops and restaurants. Since the check-in time in our hotel in Sapporo is still at 3:00 PM, we took our time to check out the shops, roam around, claim our Klook vouchers, and eat our lunch.

From New Chitose Airport, we took the JR train to Sapporo for 1,070 JPY per person for a non-reserved seat. Travel time from the airport to Sapporo Station is around 40-45 minutes.

Hello Sapporo! I'm so happy to finally be here!

This trip to Sapporo in Hokkaido Japan is truly a worthy experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I'll be sharing to you more of the amazing things we did, the delicious Japanese food we ate, the places we visited, and the whole winter wonderland experience that we had and truly enjoyed.

To help you plan your trip, please read my post Sapporo Travel Guide with an ₱8,000 DIY Itinerary & Budget for First Timers in Hokkaido.

You may also check out my other posts on other parts of Japan such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Okinawa.

Cheap Flights to Sapporo

Add Sapporo on your travel bucket list! Jetstar Asia Airways flies from Manila and Clark to Sapporo via Narita (Tokyo). Check out Jetstar Airways' low airfares, seat sale, and promos at their website www.jetstar.com!

Top things to do in Sapporo?

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