Must Have Gadgets to Bring on an Overseas Adventure

Must Have Gadgets to Bring on an Overseas Adventure

Technology is now firmly imbedded in our lives. Jobs can’t be performed without tech, and in some cases, down time can’t be had without our devices either. Therefore, we can’t bear to be parted from our gadgets for too long. Even when we go on an overseas adventure, we must take them with us. Tech is our constant companion.

But which gadgets can we leave behind? What must we take with us? It can be hard to determine which devices should come with us, and which can stay at home. For example, quality components from RS are incredibly useful, but are they always suitable for the adventure experience?

Consequently, here’s a quick list of the must have gadgets to bring on an overseas adventure.


Could you get lost on your adventure? Do you think it’s highly likely that, at some stage, your visibility will be impaired, and you’ll need better awareness of your surroundings? Additionally, maybe you’re just bored of taking the standard selfies during your travels? Well, if all of this is indeed your line of thinking, it could be a good idea to take a drone along with you for your trip!

If you go hiking in a dense, wooded area, simply whip out your drone and send it on up. From the data it records, you might just get a better sense of direction from the overview it provides. Of course, there’s also the fact that you can take a bevy of creative, unique pictures by utilising your drone too!

The Airhook

While many people argue that we’re progressively becoming more and more addicted to our smartphones, they’re actually incredible tools to have at your disposal while on an adventure – particularly if you’re keen to stave of swathes of boredom during your flight! That said, they can be annoying to constantly hold, or prop up against things like cups mid-flight.

Still, if you use an Airhook, your problems here might just dissipate. These nifty gadgets fit can clip onto the safely stored trays in front of you, among other things, and you can then clip them onto your iPad or iPhone for a hands-free viewing experience. Want to watch a film aboard your flight without arm ache or wobbling screens? Well, the Airhook is your answer!

Portable Chargers

There’s nothing worse than a phone running out of battery right when you need it most. The next step is to typically fondle whatever charger you have and hope that a plug or power outlet crops up sooner or later. But what if bad luck comes your way, and the hours without a charging opportunity to start to roll on by?

Avoid this dilemma all together and take a portable charger with you on any adventurer you go on. That way, you can ensure that your devices stay charged, and that you can call for help or emergency services in the worst-case scenarios without any delay or disruption. Remember, during any big undertaking, contingency plans are always worth investing in - the portable charger fits that definition!

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