ISLA VERDE BATANGAS, "A Memorable Island Adventure in Batangas City"

This travel guide well hep you plan yout trip to Isla Verde in Batangas. This post contains how to get there, sample DIY itinerary, summary of expenses, and other travel tips

Planning a trip to Isla Verde in Batangas? This article will help you plan your trip to one of the best island in Batangas that I've been to.

I've been wanting to visit Verde Island in Batangas City. It is one of the items in my bucket list as it’s one ”off-the-beaten destinations” in the province of Batangas that only a few dared to visit. That is why; I got so excited when we finally decided to visit Isla Verde last June 2016.

Tourist Spots and Attractions in Batangas

Isla Verde, also known as Verde Island is located between the islands of Luzon and Mindoro, along Verde Island Passage which is dubbed as the "Center of the Center of Marine Biodiversity in the World." Known for its pristine clear waters and amazing underwater treasures, Verde Island is a favorite among local and foreign tourists, backpackers and intrepid travelers looking for an awesome vacation away from the crowd.

Tourist Spots and Attractions in Batangas

From Manila, we rode a bus bound for Batangas City. It took us about 1.5 hours of travel to reach Batangas City Grand Terminal and rented a tricycle going to Tabangao Aplaya where boats going to Verde Island can be found. From there, we took the boat and finally reached the island after about 1.5 hours. For a more detailed instructions on how to get to Verde Island, travel expenses and some tips and reminders, you may read this travel guide.

Tourist Spots and Attractions in Batangas

Before going to Isla Verde, we made sure that we've planned it very well. We contacted Tita Jo of Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort for our accommodation and also arranged with her our meals for our 2-nights/3 days adventure on the island.

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Tourist Spots and Attractions in Batangas
Cottages at Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort

Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort is a nice and lovely beachfront resort in Verde Island. The resort has several accommodation options that cater to the varying needs of its guests. They have stone houses, traditional nipa huts and tents to choose from.

Tourist Spots and Attractions in Batangas

Tourist Spots and Attractions in Batangas

Tourist Spots and Attractions in Batangas

Tourist Spots and Attractions in Batangas

Top things to do in Batangas

Nipa Huts

For an "island-feel" accommodation, I highly recommended that you book one of their traditional kubos for PHP 1,500 per night - which could fit up to four people in double upper and lower bunk style beds. Each nipa hut is powered by solar power and also has a small living area. Toilet and bath are just a short walk from the huts and shared among guests.

Top things to do in Batangas
Nipa Hut Accommodation

Top things to do in Batangas
Inside the Nipa Hut Accommodation

Top things to do in Batangas
Living Area

Top things to do in Batangas
Double upper and lower bunk style beds

Stone Houses

If you want to have a more private room, you may choose to book one of their 2 stone houses for PHP 2,500 pesos per night - which could comfortably fit up to 4 persons. Each unit has its own toilet and bath, mini living area and a small dining area.

Top things to do in Batangas
Stone House Accommodation

Tent Accommodation

If you're on budget, you could rent one of their tents. They have 2-person tents available for PHP 500.00 per night and 4-person tents available for PHP 800.00 per night. Each tent is supplied with beddings.

Top things to do in Batangas
Tent accommodations

Top things to do in Batangas
Camping site

Tess Café and Restaurant

The resort allows guests to bring their own food if they wish to cook their own food. Cooking equipment and utensils are not a problem. They would provide pots and knife as well as firewood for cooking. But if you don't want to bring your own food, you may have your meals at their restaurant called Tess Café. They offer set meals for breakfast (PHP 250/person), lunch (PHP 300/person) and dinner (PHP 350/person). Each meal consists of a meat or fish dish, vegetables, dessert or fresh fruits and iced tea. Their food is really good. We enjoyed every meal we had.

Top things to do in Batangas
Tess Cafe

Top things to do in Batangas

Top things to do in Batangas

Top things to do in Batangas

Top things to do in Batangas
Enjoying the food from Tess Cafe

Things to Do in Verde Island

During our stay on the island, we just spent our time appreciating and enjoying the beauty of the island. We went snorkeling, swimming, enjoying a hot bath and a relaxing massage, drinking and watching the sunset. Just in front of the resort is a marine sanctuary where you could see a lot of corals and fishes. The best time to swim and snorkel is at the morning, during high tide.

Top things to do in Batangas
Walking towards the camping area

Top things to do in BatangasTop things to do in Batangas
Hot bath and massage

Best Beaches in Batangas
Some drinks and bonfire

Breathtaking Sunset

Sunset is also best appreciated in front of the resort. During our stay, we always end our day just savoring the magical view of the setting sun. As the sun drowned in the horizon, its rays fill the sky with radiant and vibrant colors. I was mesmerized as the sun slowly disappeared in the horizon; it's like a painting done in front of me. Watching the sunset from Isla Verde is a must-experience! One of the best sunsets indeed!

Best Beaches in Batangas
Amazing sunset

Exploring the Island

We also got to explore the other side of the island where Mahabang Buhangin beach can be found. While walking towards the other side of the island, we met some kids on their way home. They went with us and helped us with directions on how to get to Mahabang Buhangin beach. And of course, we had a selfie! Hehehe!

Best Beaches in Batangas
With the kids of Isla Verde

Mahabang Buhangin Beach

As the name suggests, Mahabang Buhangin is a long stretch of beach that has pristine, calm and super clear waters. Here, we just enjoyed snorkeling, swimming and sun bathing.

Best Beaches in Batangas
Mahabang Buhangin Beach

Best Beaches in Batangas
Enjoying Mahabang Buhangin Beach

On our 2nd day on the island, we spent the whole morning just lounging in the beach and enjoying a good swim. Here's a short video while I swim in the clear waters of Mahabang Buhangin beach.

This morning at Mahabang Buhangin Beach, Isla Verde #Batangas City! ❤️

A video posted by Pinoy Adventurista (Mervz) 🇵🇭 (@pinoyadventurista) on

We truly had an awesome Isla Verde adventure! Thank you Tita Jo, Tita Tess and to all the friendly staff of Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort for taking good care of us.

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Best Beaches in Batangas
Thank you Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort!

We couldn't wait to be back soon! See you again Isla Verde, we're definitely coming back!

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Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort

Address: Brgy. San Agustin, Verde Island, Batangas City
Contact Numbers: 0916-440-8647 or 02-782-5833


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Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know how much is the fee for the snorkeling, and are the snorkeling gears already provided ?

Cir said...

Writing this to forewarn others. I’m not sure if we’re the only ones who encountered these.

We knew it was in an island. We’ve read the blogs.

We checked in last April 28 and left April 30. Got a Stone House.

Firstly, The Room. The Stone House is hot – either poorly designed or wrongly-placed to take advantage of whatever breeze is on the island. In the evenings it’s even worse – it’s like an oven. When I asked for an extra fan, they’re reply: all rooms are given only one fan and they can’t give me another one. Power is provided by solar energy so there isn’t power for more fans. They (Diet and Jo) wanted me to open the door and the windows. Why on earth would we want to sleep at night with door and windows open? First, Security… and second… Insects… it’s an island, remember? Anybody read this in a blog post or previous review?

Secondly, The Power. Power is provided by solar energy. I only saw a single solar panel in the whole resort (unless they got more hidden away). During the day, you’ll see that more of then than not, there is no available power – you can’t charge your phones if you have a dead battery. But it’s high noon, in summer! You have to ask them why there is no power and they’d go and flip a switch to turn it back on. A technician comes in morning and afternoon to run a generator to pump water to their storage drums (more on that later) and that’s the only time that electricity is somewhat consistent and you can charge phones. After that, power plays hide-and-seek. Power permanently goes off around 10pm. And that’s it. Anybody read this in a blog post or previous review?

Thirdly, The Water. There is no continuous running freshwater. Period. Like a said, a technician comes in to run a generator to pump water to drums placed on the roof of a building. Once the drums are full, generators shuts down and gravity brings the pumped water to the ENTIRE resort. Once the drums are empty, that’s it. You need to wait for the drums to be full again to get water at the faucets. And it’s saltwater… you’re in an island, remember! There is an old-school manual water pump available, though.

For drinking water, you either bring your own or buy from the resort. Price is fair.

Fourthly, The trip back home. The boat that brings you back to Tabangao Aplaya is a public transport boat servicing the entire island. So if one pick-up point ahead of the resort brings the boat to a full capacity, you need to wait for another boat. On saturday morning, the group that was supposed to leave at 3am waited but no boat picked them up. They got picked up 8am. On sunday morning, we were told that our pick-up time was 7am, we got picked up 9am. And while we were waiting for the boat, not a single staff, or Diet or Jo came to see how we were doing. We had to continuously chase them. Probably because we paid our balance the evening before.

The only saving grace of this trip to this resort were (1) The company that we had. We tried to make the best of trip and (2) the beaches.

The beaches. Hands-down pristine and majestic. There is a marine sanctuary in front of the resort – but the entire coast of Verde Island and the Verde Island Passage is a marine sanctuary!

Noticed that the pictures of sandy beaches posted on most blogs about this resort are 15 minutes away – they’re not in front of the resort. The resort’s front is rock garden. You have to pass through this rock garden before you reach the corals and the fish. Swimming in front of the resort is made hazardous by the rocks --- aaannnndddd, there is no life guard!

Customer service. Reception was warm but try not to be pushy or too complaining and the goodwill goes away. Their standard reply: “You’ve read the blogs, right? You’re in an island”. Along with a sarcastic smile and laugh.

There are some things that can be done to improve – more solar panels, more storage drums for water to name a few.

But for now, I do not recommend this resort. Especially if you’re taking the stone house.

Anonymous said...

Pwede po bang magdala nalang ng sariling tent? Mag fee padin po ba?

Anonymous said...

@Cir - from your description of your experience, i think you were not built for island adventure. No pun intended, you may want to consider other activities instead

Anonymous said...

@Cir - masyado kang reklamador! Stay in the city and book a room in a 5-star hotel. Hindi ka dapat pumunta sa island, maarte ka masyado!

Unknown said...

Is the resort near mahabang buhangin?

Unknown said...

@cir masyado kang maarte. Sa ganyang kamurang lodging expect mo na yan kasi nga para sa mga di maaarte yang ganyang resport at truly traveler. Kung gusto mo ng magandang serbisyo magbayad ka ng doble.

Anonymous said...

@Cir, thank you for the tips. I value your very honest and informative comments. Will take all these into consideration, especially because we have kids coming along.

Anonymous said...

Do they have/can we request for a bonfire? :)

Berly Balmeo said...

@Cir susko ang arte huh , next tume magstaycation ka na lang sa mga hotels.. Iba nga dyan nagbayad ng 5k/night sa mga Island na tent at hammock lang eh. isla yan malamang enjoy mo hangin ni mother nature.. nakaw ? mai safe keep naman siguro .. insects alam mo ng beach yan d ba ? bili ka insect repellant marami nun sa mall.

Ador Dela Cruz said...

thanks for the honest review, we were about to go there but on the 2nd thought hindi na lang siguro, and sa bashers mo,(some are local crew) Yes it is an island, but let me reiterate that it was a RESORT!!! for damned sake!! you have a fixed FULL price list of all the services, and customers that came in is paying for it,, isnt just fair to give the full services??
WE DONT MESS AROUND WITH YOUR POSTED PRICE!!!THATS WHAT YOU ARE PAID FOR!!! In return, we expect the best services,and besides, hindi yan maldives where you can charge a $100/night, isla verde lang yan!!!

Olivia said...

@Cir LMAO at your comment. It's so true. FYI to everyone reading: it's extremely hot in the Philippines during the summer. It doesn't matter if it's the beach, it's SUPER HOT. I'm talking "ow I got sunburned" after 5 minutes in direct sunlight hot. I would never go for a room without an air conditioner.

In fairness, thought, what did you expect the resort people to do? They don't have water or electricity on the island 24/7 and they can't just magically summon that up just because you don't like it. Perhaps you should go to the island and invest $10 million or more for some infrastructure.

joel paul said...

true adventure is with the absence of the comforts of the city. kaya sa mga maaarte dyan wag kayong pupunta sa lugar na tulad nito. magpatayo muna kayo ng POWER plant, Hotel at Airport bago nyo puntahan mga isla dito sa pinas. in that way dadami mga bibisitang katulad niyong maarte. PEACE> hehehe

Always hungry said...

Hi, was wondering if we can bring our own tent? And how much would the fee be? thank you so much.

Majoy Bunales said...

yung tanong kung pwede magdala ng sariling tent, hindi pa rin nasasagot 😂

Anonymous said...

magkano charge sa tent pitch? meron ako dala tent for 4 pax.. magakano tent pitch. sana may sumagot.. hahhaa

Anonymous said...

ano ba yan gusto ko sana pumunta eh.

Unknown said...

Nakalagay naman sa post kung pwde or hindi, mga pinoy gusto subo lahat. Manual pump and no electricity, no cellphones are fun. Ewan lang sa maarte jan.. Patayo kayo ng sarili nyong resort.

Anonymous said...

An honest review is just a review. Pinipersonal na masyado nang iba at nang bash na. This kind of detailed review helps others make a plan for their own trip.

Why not just take what you can sa review or make your own honest review. We're here to read reviews.

Regarding Queries sa Tent. As posted on the Isla Verde Tropical Resort website, Tent: 300 or 600 pesos. Entry for camping is 100 pesos/head

Micah Andrea De Leon said...

Hi! Is there any cheaper option going back to tabango port from the island aside from 4am trip and renting a private boat?

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