A LOCAL'S GUIDE TO BIRI, NORTHERN SAMAR: 8 Tips and Tricks for First-Timers

Biri Rock Formations Travel Guide Blog
Biri Northern Samar Travel Guide 2018

Biri is an island municipality in Northern Samar known for its amazing rock formations. What to do, where to eat and what not to miss in Biri Northern Samar? Check out this interview we had with Larry Quinao, a registered nurse who was born and raised in Biri, Northern Samar. A certified travel addict, he shares some of the best-kept secrets and gives useful travel tips when traveling to Biri for the first time.

Biri, Northern Samar Travel Guide: 8 Tips and Tricks for First-Timers

1. Where are the best places to stay in Biri?

For budget travelers, try the Beach Camp in Biri, owned by Nay Carmen, they have kubo cottages ranging from PHP 150 to 300 pesos per night good for 4 persons. When staying at the Beach Camp, you'll also have an amazing sunrise view here because in front of the camp is the gigantic rocks of Biri. You can also bring your own tent and pitch it at the Beach Camp.

For a more cozy stay, try the hotels in the town proper of Biri, like the Biri Island Resort, Villa Amor and Glenda's Bed and Breakfast.

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Biri Rock Formations Travel Guide
Magasang Rock Formation

2. Where are the best places to eat in Biri?

Chill at The Pavilion right across the municipal hall, beside the Tourism Office for cheap variety of snacks to -silog meals. There are also karenderias or eateries at the "Pantalan" (port) and burger stops with budget meals along the main street near the town's church. I would suggest to pre-order seafood from the staff of wherever hotel you're going to stay, they can even cook them for you.

Biri Rock Formations Travel Guide
The Rocks of Biri Island

3. What are the best places to visit in Biri?

Of course the gigantic rocks of Biri: Magasang, Magaspad, Macadlaw, Bel-at, Caranas, and Puhunan - you can visit them all in one day! Spend more time in Bel-at and Magasang, where the natural pools are located. Also, you can rent a boat to visit San Bernardino Island for its Lighthouse. Two of the farthest Barangays (villages) also has their own Rock formations: Brgy. San Pedro's Tinimpagan Rock Formation and Brgy. San Antonio's Caluliangan and Dinosaur Head Rock Formations.

4. What are the must-do activities in Biri?

  • Food trip seafood variety, esp Danggit, crabs, and lobsters.
  • Explore all the rock formations in Biri Island and the other two Brgy (see above).
  • Witness the beautiful sunset in Pantalan while enjoying a bottle of beer. If you're lucky, sunset with Mayon Volcano or Mt. Bulusan view.
  • Surfing in Sitio Cogon.
  • Scuba diving.
  • Witness the Kaway Festival every January, usually 2nd or 3rd Sunday.

5. What are the "Secret Spots" in Biri that shouldn't be missed?

  • Sitio Cogon for Surfing
  • Brgy. San Pedro's Tinimpagan/Hinablan Rock Formations
  • Brgy. San Antonio's Caluliangan and Dinosaur Head Rock Formations
  • Kiko's Maze diving spot under the huge rock formations of Biri

Biri Rock Formations Travel Guide
Sunset from Biri, Northern Samar

6. How to get around Biri?

Ride a Habal-habal to go around the town. You may ask the tourism office for standard fare list, they have it. Usually its around 10 to 30 pesos.

7. Where to shop in Biri?

Some RTW's and souvenir shops in Biri Town.

8. What are the best pasalubong to bring back home?

Of course, it’s best to bring home some of Biri’s Danggit, Crabs and Lobsters. Also, some handicrafts made of sea shells can be bought around town.

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Biri Rock Formations Travel Guide
Biri Rock Fromations

Get more travel tips from Larry by following him on his Instagram account @larryfied or by checking out the hashtag #LarryfiedTravel where he shares his travels and adventures around the Philippines and beyond.

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  1. Lovely! We plan to go to Biri Island as a side trip for an upcoming series of caving trips in Samar.

  2. Hi, your article is really helpful as there are only a number of blogs about Northern Samar that provides enough detail. My friends and I are planning to visit this Holy Week, particularly Biri Island. Would it be possible to get the contact number of the Biri Camp resort or that of the owner Nay Carmen? Thank you and any information you could provide would be really helpful.


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