How a corporate picnic can bring your team closer

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We often hear about corporate team building activities, retreats, and other outings and activities designed to foster good interpersonal relationships within corporations. And there’s little question that those types of activities do, in fact, help to create stronger bonds and more collaboration in the workplace, but they aren’t the only solution. When it comes to team building activities in Toronto, why not consider a corporate family picnic?

A corporate family picnic is a fantastic alternative to traditional team building activities. The primary reason is that it allows you to include not only your team members, but also their spouses and children. Why is this important? Because it creates a sense of inclusion and community. By planning an event that includes your employees’ families, you allow them the opportunity to make connections that will extend outside the office. That’s important because if your team members are friends in their personal lives, it will create an atmosphere within the office that is more friendly, more cooperative and, by default, more productive. When people know more about each other’s kids, etc. they gain insight into the person themselves, not just into the personality filling the job.

Moreover, as an employer, it’s important to foster good relationships with your employees. There was a time when the typical business model was for the employer or owner to be separate and apart from his employees, almost as though he never came out from behind the desk. These days, it’s much more common for employers to be a part of the team, not simply the figurehead leader. A corporate family picnic is a great way to show your employees that you care about them as people, not just as employees. That will translate into better employees and a more productive team, because your staff will feel more loyalty to you if you treat them like people, not just as cogs in your machine. Company loyalty should never be under estimated. It goes a long way toward creating a successful company, because when people care about the company and feel valued, they will go the extra mile to help the company succeed. They will help their fellow coworkers succeed, too. When employees feel valued and become loyal to the company, they don’t become restless and eager to leave for another job. That creates a stable and happy workforce.

The next time you are looking to plan an activity that will bolster your team’s morale, consider a corporate picnic. From a local park to a waterpark or even the zoo, there’s always somewhere great to get together with your employees and their families to create some bonds and make a few memories along the way.


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