8 Landscape Design Ideas

Landscape Design Ideas

Landscaping has numerous benefits. It does not only helps improve the overall look of your house, but also helps increase its worth. It is a big investment but one that you should not think twice before making, thanks to its numerous benefits. But, what kind of landscaping do you need? Here are 10 landscape design ideas that you can apply to your yard right now.

1. Pathway Lightning
This is very useful if you want to have an illuminated sight on your landscape. Pathway lightning will make your landscape alive at night and it will also avoid having an injury while walking down the path to your home.

2. Concrete Pave
Imagine large concrete pavers complemented by scotch moss planted between them with beautiful genus of thorny ornamental bushes couples with succulent flowers (bougainvillea) contrasting the view. Beautiful, isn’t it?

3. Relaxed Pond
Do you have a pond around your house? How about some large stepping stones accented with beautiful ground cover that leads to that relaxed and calm pond? Having a boat dock installed would be just wondrous.

4. An Asian Garden
If you want to take tranquility to the next level, a natural landscape which combines oregon, yachats and a touch of asian culture would be a perfect living courtyard.

5. A Walk to the Pool
With a colorful ground cover and a large chunk of (water-wise) planting bed, the pathway to the pool would give you a joy of its own. Complementarily, some medium sized stepping stones illuminated by (natural) spotlights would be awe-inspiring.

6. A Garden for Meditation
Ever wanted a scenery that could also be the perfect place to meditate? Well, how about a garden that houses a bench and a birdbath right in front of it? Behind the bench, have flourished rose vines canopying the garden.

7. Posh Entering Area
If you want to give your entrance a prismatic feel, how about having some multi-colored plants surrounding a stone path that leads to your home or to the backyard? A texture like this will bring a lush and interesting vibe anywhere.

8. Water Garden
Perhaps, you just want a great view behind French doors that open up the view to lush tropical plants and a water garden. It offers a soothing and calming effect whenever you view it, which is perfect for places like a kitchen.

What else do you think we can put in our list? Let us know and we’ll definitely hear you out. Look out for a landscape design and construction services provider to get the design you like the best.


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