TOP PICKS: 5 FREE Things to Do in Singapore

Things To Do in Singapore for Free

For me, Singapore is a very eclectic and exciting country to visit for fellow Filipinos. Nestled at the tip of Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia, it has a long history of progress - as an early fishing village, to the age of the Peranakan, up to this time as being one of the "Tiger Economies in Asia."

Indeed, Singapore is a very rich and modern country you shouldn't miss when traveling to Southeast Asia. With this, let me share to you my top five things to do in Singapore for free.

Things To Do in Singapore for Free

Top 5 Things to Do in Singapore for FREE!

1. Take a photo of the Merlion

An obligatory visit to its national symbol the Merlion at the Marina Bay area and Resorts World Sentosa top the list, a half lion and a fish, story has it, seen way before In the waters of Singapore. You can also plan a visit at Siloso Beach and Resorts World Sentosa.

2. Visit Marina Bay Sands

There are many hotels in the centre of Singapore, one of the most popular is Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Don’t miss to witness the breathtaking architectural design of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, where you can walk around the area as well as the the amazing convergence of light, music and sound in a grand show!

3. Take a Stroll at the National Orchid Gardens

Just recently they received their first UNESCO World Record, and it’s a Garden filled with teeming life and very remarkable Flora. Singapore offers to both worlds to us Human and most especially to animals and plants respectively. Don't miss the free viewing of spectacular Gardens by the Bay show. I'm sure, you'll love it too!

4. Visit a Museum

Museum, every place and nation in the world has its own history and origin, the perfect place for this to know are in museum. Being a country colonized by the westerners it offers a very nice history and traditions and they have a very good datings to it.

5. Visit Temples, Churches and Mosques

Being an open city in the Far East and with 3 major ethnic groups living harmoniously, such as the Chinese, Indians, Arabs. Singapore offers a wide variety of Chinese Temples, Hindu Temples and Mosque where every traveler in Singapore are allowed and welcome to visit.

Things To Do in Singapore for Free

There are a lot of ways for us to travel but not spending too much. So what are we waiting for?! Let’s book now a flight to this Wonderful country in South East Asia! #YourSingapore.


This post was written by one of our contributing writers - Ace Paragoyo of www.iamacesome.com.


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