Tips on How to Book Cheap Airline Tickets Successfully

PAL, Air Asia & Cebu Pacific PROMO FARE Seat Sale & 1Piso Fares Tried and Tested Tips on How to Book Cheap Airline Tickets

How to travel cheaply and score promo fares, seat sale, and piso fare? Here are some useful and practical tips on how to find cheap flights and book the cheapest flight possible to anywhere this 2022!

One of the best tips to save on travel expenses is to book cheap flights. I know your eyes glisten upon hearing words such as "Piso Fare", "Seat Sale", and "Promo Fare". Wanting to know how to book that cheap airline tickets? There are many ways, tricks and travel hacks that could help you save on the cost of your airfare. As a frequent traveler, I compiled here some of my tried and tested tips and tricks on how to successfully book cheap airline tickets. Happy booking!

Tips on How to Book Cheap Airline Tickets and Piso Fare Successfully

1. Plan and book ahead of time

Booking your airline tickets several months ahead of your scheduled trip costs a lot cheaper. Most local airlines offer very cheap seat sale promos with travel period six months to a year in advance, so better plan your trips ahead of time and book your tickets in advance.

2. Choose your travel dates wisely

When booking your tickets, consider flying on weekdays instead of weekends as they tend to be cheaper. As I have observed, Tuesday and Wednesday are most cost-effective while Fridays and Saturdays are the most expensive. Also, don't book your trip on dates with festivals, it is more expensive than the regular rates and usually not part of the seat sale.

3. Be in the know with the latest seat sale promos

You can get cheapest flights that you can book with an airline during their seat sale promos. Subscribe to airline email list that will send you alerts on upcoming seat sale and promos. Follow the airlines' social media accounts - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - so you will know if there will be or if there's an ongoing seat sale. Also, local airlines (Air Asia, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific) usually offer seat sale during national holidays and important occasions. Be sure anticipate the seat sale and book the cheapest flights during piso fare promos!

4. Book in the wee hours in the morning

Airline seat sale usually starts at 12 midnight. The best time to book is during the wee hours of the day when most of the people who crave for seat sale tickets are still sleeping. Hahaha!

10 Tried and Tested Tips on How to Book Cheap Airline Tickets Philippines

5. Book early morning or late evening flights

Based on my experience, very early morning and late night flights are cheaper than those scheduled on day time. It's a lot of effort getting up very early or even not sleeping at all just to get to the airport at 2 or 3 in the morning. But it's okay, flying at 4 in the morning is cheaper.

6. Clear your web browser's cache and cookies

To make sure you're getting the best prices when you book airline tickets online, clear your web browser's cookies and cache. These cookies are used to track your recent activities. When an airline website detects that you really want these airfare or you need to fly to that destination, and could "guess" that you might be willing to pay a bit more for that flight. So, clearing your computer's cache and cookies could really make a lot of difference.

7. Be mindful of additional charges when booking

Be sure not to get baggage allowance, insurance or in-flight meals if you don't need it. This will save you a lot on airfare.

8. Book quickly on the first day of seat sale

I always get cheap airfares during seat sales, maybe because I book early. The moment the airline annouces that there's a seat sale (which I have anticipated), I quickly book my flight on the first 3 hours of the seat sale.

9. Choose a "not-so-popular" destination

During seat sale, the popular destinations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Bangkok, Tokyo, Seoul South Korea, Cebu, Boracay (Caticlan), Davao and Palawan are being sold out so quickly. So if you can't find a cheap airfare in these destinations, choose a no-so-popular destination.

10. Consider flying with 2 different airlines

Sometimes, the airfare going to your destination is on seat sale, while the ticket going back is so expensive. The best that you can do is "mix and match" airlines. Consider flying on two different airlines for your going and returning flights. I've been doing this in my previous travels and it saved me a lot on airfares.

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