How I stayed Connected in Singapore using FlytPack Travel WiFi Router?

FlytPack Travel WiFi Router Review

On my recent travels abroad, my friends always ask me how I am able to connect to the in internet most of the time. Did I buy a local SIM, am I in international roaming or is WiFi connection free and available anywhere abroad? I said no. I told them that I brought a Flytpack Travel WiFi Router with me.

FlytPack Travel WiFi Router Review

Since I used it in my travel to Japan last September, I instantly loved Flytpack Travel WiFi Router. It is a portable wireless modem that connects any WiFi-enabled device to the internet with a secured network connection. It's like the WiFi we have at home, just smaller, in a handy portable version that you can bring anywhere you go and have fast and reliable data connection abroad.

FlytPack Travel WiFi Router Review

This travel WiFi is so convenient and easy to use. The moment our plane from Manila landed in Singapore, I turned on my Flytpack Travel WiFi Router and I am instantly connected to the internet. How did it happen? Since the device is already pre-configured before I left the Philippines, there's no need for any complicated and sometime stressful setting up or installation procedures. Once you turned it on, the WiFi router device will instantly connect to Flytpack's local partner carrier. All you needed to do is to login to the SSID WiFi and input the supplied password to connect. As easy as that!

FlytPack Travel WiFi Router Review

Upon exiting Changi Airport, we boarded our bus bound to the the Singapore Cruise HarborFront Center where we will be taking the Star Cruises' Superstar Gemini cruise ship for our 4-day cruise to Penang and Langkawi, Malaysia. One of my companions asked our tour guide if our bus has WiFi. Unfortunately, there's none. So I told them that they can connect to my WiFi router since it is capable of connecting up to 8 devices (on average), depending on the router model type and the country you are renting.

We're now here at Harbourfront #Singapore Cruise Center. We'll go on a #cruise to #Malaysia via Star Cruises. ❤️ #MyTimeToCruise

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For travelers and bloggers like us, being able to connect to the internet is very important. Having a FlytPack Travel WIFI Router with me and being connected to the internet most of the time, it helped me a lot in our quick tour of Singapore's HarborFront Center and Bugis street. It allowed me update my social media accounts, post photos on Instagram, use Google maps to find where my companions are whenever I'm lost, among many others. As long as there's mobile signal, your FlytPack will connect to its local partner mobile carrier.

FlytPack Travel WiFi Router Review

How to Rent a Flytpack Travel WiFi Kit?

  • STEP 1: Book & pay online at least five (5) working days before departure
  • STEP 2: Router will be delivered to you at least one (1) day before departure
  • STEP 3: Enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi whenever, wherever during your trip
  • STEP 4: Courier will collect the Wi-Fi router from you one (1) day after you are back from your trip

FlytPack Travel WiFi Router Review

Prices and Country Availability

The Flytpack Travel WIFI Router can be used in different countries in Asia Pacific, USA, Guam + Saipan, Canada, Australia and Europe. If you're traveling to multiple countries, you can even order a FlytPack that will work in 2-3 countries by choosing the Asia Package or the Asia + Autralia Package. For this trip, FlytPack lent me a multi-country (Asia Package) Flytpack Travel WIFI Router which I was able to use in Singapore and Malaysia. Booking it only costs 300 pesos per day.

Here's a Sample Computation:

FlytPack Travel WiFi Router Review

Asia Package includes Cambodia, China, Guam + Saipan, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Maldives, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

To know more about FlytPack Travel WiFi Router, kindly read my previous post: TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: Flytpack Travel WiFi Router.

FlytPack Travel WiFi Router Review

I certainly didn't regret that I brought again a Flytpack Travel WiFi with me on this travel. It delivered seamless connectivity in our short stroll around Singapore and during our onshore excursions in Penang and Langkawi Malaysia. This pocket-size travel gadget is definitely a must-have for every traveler when traveling abroad.

Log on to www.Flytpack.com to book your WIFI router for your next travel abroad!

FlytPack Travel WiFi Router Review

Flytpack Philippines

Address: Level 11 KMC Solutions, SM Aura Office Tower,
McKinley Parkway, BGC, Taguig 1634
Contact Numbers: +63 02 485 8341 / +63 926 018 2272

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