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What to do in Roxas City Capiz

Looking for top best things to do in Roxas City and must-visit Capiz Tourist Spots that you should include in your travel itinerary?

There are really many things that you can do and experience in Roxas City that will surely make your trip enjoyable! Here is the 2nd part of my Top 10 Awesome Things To Do in (and near) Roxas City and Capiz Tourist Spots for your travel itinerary. If you missed part 1, it's HERE. Tara, and let's discover the "Seafood Capital of the Philippines."

What to do in Roxas City Capiz

6. Watch the sunset at Villa Visaya

Villa Visaya is located in Brgy. Barra and is few minutes away from the city center of Roxas. Inspired by a Balinese architecture, mixed with Asian-Modern contemporary designs, a hilltop oriental palace was built. This could be your perfect escape, while relaxing and enjoying the panoramic views of Sibuyan Sea. They also have an infinity pool (actually the highlight and could be their best spot), where everything can turn into dreamy moment. Its dramatic effect will leave you stunned, while watching the sun set in the horizon.

7. Visit the birthplace of President Manuel Roxas

Manuel Roxas, our fifth President, was born in Capiz. He was loved by the people of his province and that is the reason why they made sure to keep his memory alive by preserving his house and making it as one of the national historical sites. This two-storey hardwood house of President Manuel Roxas is located in the city proper, managed by the hands of Roxas’ relatives. If you’re an avid fan of history, make sure to put this on your bucket list when visiting Capiz.

Where to Eat in Roxas City

8. Dine with a view at Café Terraza

Café Terraza serves a combination of traditional Asian and modern Western cuisines, with a Filipino twist. They feature a wide array of seafood dishes, and can be served according to the preferred choice of the guest. Given that they can offer you scrumptious and appetizing meals, one of the reasons why you should visit them is because of its picture perfect views. Those “instagram worthy shots” are all over the place.

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What to do in Roxas City Capiz

9. Visit the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue in Pueblo de Panay

It is a giant statue of Jesus Christ, located at the hilltop of Pueblo de Panay. They claim that it is 132ft tall, and said to be tallest of its kind in the country. Its hand were supposed to be outstretched just like what we do when we welcome someone, but they made them vertical for some technical reasons making it look like a “I surrender” look. You can also climb inside, until you reach its top giving you great views of the region.

What to do in Roxas City Capiz

10. Buy some souvenirs

I guess this is basic, but the most important of all (for your friends waiting for your pasalubong haha!). Roxas can offer you lots of loots and valuable items. Check out Las Islas Travel and Tours' office at Roxas City Integrated Transport Terminal in Punta Dulog for some awesome pasalubong items. I know it can’t be counted as souvenirs, but bringing home seafoods is one the best decision you can also have. Aside from it is fresh, you can have them cheaper than those in the city.


WHERE TO STAY? Hotels & Resorts in Roxas City

Here are the hotels and resorts in Roxas City that I have personally tried.


Where to Eat in Roxas City?

What to do in Roxas City Capiz

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