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Things to do in Roxas City Capiz

Looking for things to do in Roxas City and Capiz Tourist Spots that you should include in your travel itinerary?

Roxas City, the capital of Capiz province is dubbed as the "Seafood Capital of the Philippines." The abundance of marine life in Capiz is so natural, making them a standout in terms of offering the freshest seafood in the country. More to that, they are also rich in history as the birthplace of former President Manuel Roxas. You can find many places and do many things in (and near) Roxas City. To fully enjoy your visit, here's a list of some of Roxas City's tourist spots, attractions and things to do and experience in Capiz.

Things to do in Roxas City Capiz

1. Soak up some history at the City Plaza

Roxas City has plenty of historical sites to visit, where histories were made. Preserved and in good hands, these historical sites are also their attraction to tourist. When in Roxas City, don’t miss to visit the City Plaza where you could find the Immaculate Concepcion Metropolitan Cathedral, Capiz Provincial Capitol, Roxas City Hall, Old Spanish Bridge, Bandstand and “Ang Panubli-on” (Roxas City Museum).

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Things to do in Roxas City Capiz

2. Eat at the floating cottages of Palina Greenbelt Ecopark

If you are from the city proper of Roxas, Palina is just 5 kilometers away. Why I am saying this? Because it is worth visiting. Known with its bright green mangroves and bamboo rafts floating on a river, Palina will definitely make you fall in love. I love eating and nature at the same time and that is the reason why I love the idea of floating cottages here at Palina. These little huts can accommodate up to 25 people, and it is amazing that the floating cottage is not attached to any motors or machine, instead, they are relying on a pump boat to pull the raft through the calm river.

Things to do in Roxas Capiz

3. Stroll along Baybay Beach and People’s Park in Baybay

Roxas is known as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, and if you want to know why, you must visit People’s Park in Baybay. La Playa de Roxas, also known as People’s Park is located at the shores of Baybay Beach. I bet that if you already tried eating at Baybay, you’ll hate to say bye bye. They have a seafood center where you can buy fresh seafood and have them cook while you wait. So if you have allergies on seafood (which is so common), this place is so evil. Stalls and restaurants are all over the place so picking the best place will be hard. But don’t worry, they can all guarantee you that every stall can serve you the freshest seafood delights you can have on a bargain prize.

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Things to do in Roxas Capiz

4. Visit Sta. Monica Church and see Panay Church’s huge Bell

Located just 15 minutes away from Roxas City is the town of Panay. It is known for its centuries old Santa Monica Church also known as Panay Church which original structure was built in 1774. Unfortunately, it has been massively damaged by a destructive typhoon, and it was reconstructed and rebuilt in 1884. The wall is made of coral stones and decorated with arched windows. What makes it interesting more is that it is the home of “Dakong Lingganay” which means “big bell”. This gigantic bell weighs at 10.4 tons (imagine the size of two average elephants), and crowned as the heaviest and largest Catholic Church bell in Asia.

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Coco Veranda Bar and Restaurant Roxas Capiz

5. Splurge on fresh seafoods

I already mentioned earlier that one of their signatures is their abundant and bounty seafood, so you don’t have to wonder why they have the freshest seafood here in the country. But you can have more than that, these fresh delicacies are available on a very affordable and bargain price.

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WHERE TO STAY? Hotels & Resorts in Roxas City

Here are the hotels and resorts in Roxas City that I have personally tried.


Where to Eat in Roxas City?

What to do in Roxas City Capiz

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