Making the Most Of Your Toronto Tourism Experience

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Toronto is one of the most visited cities in Canada. Every year millions of tourists flock to this metropolis, and for good reasons. Toronto is home to a number of tourist spots, picturesque parks and exciting events and festivals. Some of the most popular destinations in Toronto include the CN Tower, the Harbour Front, The Royal Ontario Museum and the well-known Skydome, the home of the Toronto Blue Jays. If you want to visit the world famous Niagara Falls, Toronto is the best place to start since it is only a 40-minute drive away.

The CN Tower is the tallest freestanding structure in the world, rising at 1,815 feet above the ground. The top part of the tower provides the best view of the entire city of Toronto. If you want to try something unique, you should try the revolving restaurant at the top of CN Tower. There are also a number of theme parks in the area that take more than a whole day to explore. Various events and festivals are also celebrated all throughout the city. The Skydome plays host to a number of these numerous social events, particularly concerts and baseball games. If you love to shop, the Toronto Eaton Centre is the place to be. The shopping center features an 80 feet high glass ceiling. You can find all kinds of stores in this major shopping destination. Other well-known shopping destinations include Chinatown on Spadina and the Kensington Market.

To make the most of your Toronto tourism experience, one of the most important considerations to look into is finding the perfect accommodation. Staying at The Drake Boutique Hotel is your best option. The Drake Hotel is a hotspot for nightlife and music. This boutique hotel is a top rated accommodation, and at the same time a mecca of excellent dining, entertainment, live music, and art, all located at the heart of downtown Toronto. The best tourist destinations are just a few minutes’ drive or walk from The Drake Hotel.

The Drake Hotel’s Dining Room offers mouthwatering dishes that will surely titillate your taste buds. This boutique hotel also provides an array of amenities to make your stay even more comfortable. The rooms come in different sizes to suit your needs. Toronto has a lot to offer to discerning travellers. It truly is a magnificent city. Visiting Toronto is made more memorable if you stay at one of the best accommodations in the city, that is, The Drake Hotel. If you want to experience Toronto without hassle and inconvenience, The Drake Hotel is the place to be. For more information visit Thedrakehotel.ca today for more information and to start planning!

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Francis Jodden is a Canadian travel and tourism writer who blogs about his favorite spots in Canada and abroad. When visiting Toronto, Francis highly recommends The Drake Boutique Hotel for a complete experience of Toronto’s best in accommodation, nightlife, dining, live music, art, and the list goes on. Visit www.thedrakehotel.ca/hotel for more information.

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