MARINDUQUE ITINERARY: 31 Best Things to Do in Marinduque (Gasang-gasang Festival, Putungan, Boodle Fight and Going Home | Day 5 of 5)

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Looking for top things to do in Marinduque? I hope this MARINDUQUE TRAVEL GUIDE BLOG help you in planning your DIY Itinerary.

Time flies so fast when you're having fun. We didn't notice that it's already the last day of our 5-day Marinduque Adventure and we're about to go back home this afternoon. Anyway, we want to make the most of it, there are a lot of activities still lined up for us. So, after having our breakfast at our headquarters in Gasan, we took a short ride to the town proper for their annual Easter Sunday celebration - Gasang-gasang Festival.

Top Best Things to Do in Marinduque

Rich in natural wonders, history and adventurous activities, there are many things to do in Marinduque. You can find many places and do many things in Marinduque. For first-timers, I listed here some of the most popular tourist spots and attractions and things to do in Marinduque.

Best Things to Do in Marinduque

26. Experience Gasang-gasang Festival

Gasang-gasang Festival is a yearly colorful Easter Sunday festival in the town of Gasan. It is in celebration of the origin of the name of the town "Gasan", which came from the term "Gasang-Gasang", a type of coral that used to be seen around the town's shoreline. Read the full article here.

Best Things to Do in Marinduque

27. Gasan Church

After the street dancing competition, we went to the new-built Gasan Church. Located on a hill, it gives every visitor an overlooking view of the town.

28. Experience "Putungan"

At around lunch time, we went back to our headquarters for a surprise activity - "Putungan".

Best Things to Do in Marinduque

I've been to Marinduque before and what I always remember is their exceptional hospitality. "Putong" or "Putungan" is MarinduqueΓ±o's unique custom of welcoming and honoring friends and visitors on special occasions. When we arrived, a group of local men and women welcomed us with songs.

Best Things to Do in Marinduque

We were seated while the local women danced and serenaded us with "putong" songs. They put a crown on our head, gave us flowers and showered us with coins, candies, confetti and flower petals which signifies prosperity and long life.

Best Things to Do in Marinduque

Marinduque Travel Guide Tourist Spots

Marinduque Travel Guide Tourist Spots

"Putong" ends with the mamumutongs dancing with us. It is truly a tradition that one should experience when visiting the island of Marinduque.

Marinduque Travel Guide Tourist Spots

29. Boodle Fight Lunch

Then we had a hefty lunch, boodle fight way.

Marinduque Travel Guide Tourist Spots

Marinduque Travel Guide Tourist Spots

30. Visit Marinduque Provincial Capitol Building

Marinduque is a heart-shaped island situated south of the island of Luzon. Considered as the smallest province in Southern Tagalog (Region IV-B), it is composed of six municipalities, namely Mogpog, Sta Cruz, Torrijos, Buenavista, Gasan and the capital town of Boac. One of the many tourist spots in the island is its 1927 provincial capitol building. Read more HERE.

What to do in Marinduque

31. Ferry Ride Going Home

Then we freshened-up and readied our things for our trip back home. We traveled for almost 1 hour to Balacanan Port in the town of Mogpog.

What to do in Marinduque

It's Easter Sunday and everyone who spent their holidays in Marinduque are now going back to the main island of Luzon. There were a lot of passengers at the terminal. Good thing Arcobaleno had contacted a "door-to-door" service van which assured us that we could get back home.

I truly enjoyed this 5-day adventure. An experience I will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you Arcobaleno Trailoutours for this wonderful experience!

There are really a lot of things that you can do and experience in Marinduque. I highly suggest that you visit these tourist spots and attractions and make your Marinduque Adventure special and a memorable one.



Thank you also to my new friends I met on this trip. It's an awesome experience to be with you guys! 'Til our next adventures!

with Jeof at Maniwaya Island

with Sandi at Palad Sandbar

with Irone at Paadjao Falls

with Jane at Tarug Cave

with Ken at Tarug's Peak

with Nicole at Poctoy Beach

with Lester at Poctoy Beach

with Janice at Poctoy Beach

with Dan at Gasan (nevermind the photo bummer.. hahaha!)

with Daddy Andy after the "Putungan"

Happened on March 31, 2013, this is DAY 5 of my "5-day trip to Marinduque" courtesy of Arcobaleno Trailoutours.

DAY 1: Islands and Beaches
DAY 2: Island Hopping, Beaches, Waterfalls, Caves and Hot Springs
DAY 3: Hiking, Festival, Swimming, Waterfalls and More!
DAY 4: Spelunking, Climbing, Beach Bumming and Trekking
DAY 5: Festival, Putungan, Boodle Fight and Going Home

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Some photos used on this post were grabbed from Jane, Irone and Sandi.


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  1. Awww... miss you guys already! Reunion! :-)

  2. By just reading this, and as I see the Pictures, I can feel your feelings and it seems that I am there with the adventurist...
    So proud to be a MarinduqueΓ±a!!!


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