2023 Essentials Checklist for International Trips

2023 essentials checklist for international trips

Traveling internationally is one of the most strenuous things, as it may happen that you will find a different world there compared to what you saw online. Unfortunately, this is a general rule of going to another country that you never set your expectations based on what’s on social media. Traveling to countries whose cultures and traditions are significantly different from yours can be a challenge to understand, but this is the real beauty of exploring the world

Therefore, you need to pack a serious suitcase with essentials so that you won’t experience such a big culture shock. For example, you should foresee that other countries use different power plugs and sockets―in Europe, types C and F are the most common, but places like France or Poland uses types C and E. Plus, you’ll need an international sim card to get through the holiday.

This is only one thing you must consider before traveling, so here’s what to pack before your departure. 

Get a eSIM card for plenty of data

When you’re traveling internationally, there are many things that you’ll use the internet for, such as searching directions on a map application, posting pictures on social media or calling your loved ones.

An international sim card is usually compatible with all smartphones, from the regular iPhone and Samsung to Oppo, Sony or Nokia. You only need to check the compatibility beforehand, and the card will be delivered with a QR code that simply requires scanning for the service to be activated.

Newer eSIM versions don’t require a physical object to be delivered to your home, which is why they’re so convenient. You can purchase them before the trip and even after you’ve arrived in that country since they’re provided to you online. Therefore, don’t worry about keeping a chip inserted into the phone.

For example, if you own a Google Pixel smartphone, which has one of the best Android updates and simplicity, you can get a Google Fi eSIM for unlimited data and international roaming at an affordable price.

Choose proper bags

Whether you travel light or not, getting a bag suitable for your needs is important. For example, having a sturdy travel bag for all your belongings is best, but you may also need a day bag for day trips, where you put documents and other things necessary for rapidly getting out of the house.

For instance, when purchasing a suitcase, here are some of the aspects you must take into consideration:
  • Weight: airports require a certain weight limit for luggage, so make sure to get a suitcase that falls under these requirements to avoid paying extra fees;
  • Size: depending on how you’ll travel, it’s best not to get a suitcase that’s too big because it might create difficulties;
  • Security: suitcases and bags provided with locks are the best to protect your belongings wherever they are;
  • Handles: telescopic handles are some of the best since they can be used from multiple positions;
  • Wheels: for maximum comfort, you can get suitcases with four wheels, but two-wheelers are also good for pulling up and over;
  • Expandability: some suitcases come with an expandable panel that can provide 10% extra packing space;

Books, maps and guides

Although the digitalization of the world allows us to use less paper, and everything is automated, sometimes you simply can’t trust the circumstances. Whether you forget to charge your phone or didn’t bring a portable charger, there are chances that you’ll be left without a battery. At the same time, in many regions with no signal, using your internet connection for guidance will not be easy.

Therefore, bring a paper map to help you in such cases wherever you're going. You can also buy a conversational guide, especially if you must communicate with people to reach your preferred destination.

Books about the country you’re visiting are also helpful because you can learn more about customs, culture and traditions to blend with the locals. You can read them before and upon your arrival, so there’s plenty of time to get knowledgeable during your travels.

Fewer clothes, more gear

You might be the type who likes to dress up, and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, when traveling to another country, it’s best to downsize your garments for the sake of the luggage. At the same time, you can’t be glamorous in these circumstances, and you’ll find yourself sweaty with a glowy and tired face.

In this case, switching to comfortable and functional clothes that allow your body to breathe is best, especially during summer. Comfortable shoes are also required, so leave your high heels at home for another occasion.

You need to prioritize things like a rain jacket and a pair of hiking boots. You need to be prepared so the weather and the road conditions won’t take you by surprise, especially if you’re going to a country where the climate is mainly tropical wet, such as Hawaii, Malaysia or Brazil.

Sun and bug protection

Unfortunately, during summer trips, the biggest enemies of your comfort are the sun’s rays and bugs, such as mosquitos, who are the most annoying. Getting sun protection is best for your skin to stay healthy; don’t worry, maybe you’ll get a little bit tanned, but at least you’ll protect yourself from skin cancer. At the same time, you need bug spray to avoid being annoyed by mosquitoes and other species that might carry diseases.

Sun protection must be applied every two hours when you’re out in the sun, considering how strong the UV rays have gotten in the past years. On the other hand, bug spray needs to be applied only once a day because otherwise, it might irritate the skin. It might be a good idea to put it in before the sun sets when bugs usually get out of the grass.

Final considerations

If you’re going on an international trip soon, we hope the above tips will help make your travel more comfortable. Remember to take your time planning the trip and always be prepared for certain situations so certain surprises won’t take you aback.


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