What You Need to Know Before Flying to Europe

What You Need to Know Before Flying to Europe

With holiday travel behind us and springtime fast approaching, many of us are getting the travel bug and itching to plan our next vacation. Europe is an excellent year-round travel destination, but did you know travel agents recommend starting planning around six months in advance? Whether you are hoping to go now or planning a summer vacation, now is the time to begin the planning process.

We have compiled a list of everything you need to consider before you hop on your flight to your favorite European country.

Secure your household

When you are on vacation, it leaves your home more vulnerable to break-ins. Some key things you can do to protect your belongings include: setting timers on interior lights to make it appear as if you are home, don't post on social media about being out of town until you are home, securing valuables and don't leave them out in plain sight, and if you have an alarm company, alert them.

Develop a plan that works for mobile and internet service

Many people are okay with using Wi-Fi everywhere instead of a cellular plan. If this is you, keep your phone in airplane mode to avoid roaming charges and research your hotel's Wi-Fi options. If you want a cellular option, contact your carrier service about a temporary international plan or research where to buy a local sim card when you arrive.

Inform your bank and credit card companies

Informing your bank and credit card companies that you will be leaving the country will ensure your charges go through when you need them and can also protect you from fraud should issues arise when you are abroad.

Know what to do if your flight gets delayed or canceled and how to receive compensation if this happens

The airline industry struggled to meet the increased demand for travel in 2022 due to staff shortages and strikes. Because of this, only 65.9% of flights departed on time, and there were many cancellations.

Before you depart, ensure you know your air passenger rights. UK law requires specific accommodations for extended delays and cancellation of flights. In many cases, this includes flight cancellation compensation. Qatar Airways compensation can help you get compensated and ensure it is an easy process.

Do your research before you pack that bag

Do your research to know what the weather is like during the time of year, as well as check weather forecasts. It's best to bring layering options, especially if you are still determining if there will be weather changes.

Also, ensure essential items such as medications, documentation, electronics, a change of clothes, and anything you deem essential are in your carry-on just in case you run into missing luggage issues.

Know easy ways to save money on your trip

There are many ways to save money while traveling abroad. Some critical advice that will enable you to save money include the following:
  • Check your credit card to ensure there are no international fees, and if there are, consider signing up for a new one or plan accordingly with cash.
  • Knowing which times to travel will result in the cheapest airfare. Typically, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the cheapest days, and early in the morning or red eye are the most affordable times.
  • Try out the fancy restaurants for lunch (if they are open) instead of dinner to lower prices.
  • Be willing to book hotels farther from the main attractions to reduce the price of lodging.
  • Be ready to submit a request for flight delay compensation, if your air travel was disrupted.

Take steps to make sure you have an unforgettable, stress-free vacation!

  • Make sure your home and valuables are safe.
  • Make a plan for Internet and/or cellular service.
  • Ensure your bank and credit cards know your travel dates and locations.
  • Research your passenger rights and write down contact information for companies that can help if your flight is delayed or canceled.
  • Pack appropriately for predicted weather and ensure your essentials are on your person throughout your flights.


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