5 Las Vegas Tips Only Insiders Know

5 Las Vegas Tips Only Insiders Know

Las Vegas is the ideal place to take a vacation for many reasons. This desert city is close to a plethora of outdoor activities while also being filled with one-of-a-kind attractions such as the iconic Vegas strip.

Are you planning a trip to Vegas for the first time? Perhaps it's your third, fourth, or fifth time. Maybe you've looked up the guides and attractions and know what most people do when they visit. Maybe you've already done all the well-known attractions and want to go off the beaten path a bit.

As a savvy traveler, you may be looking to find those hidden games that only locals and insiders know. While visiting the iconic spots is great, there's something rewarding about experiencing a city more like a local. If this is the kind of Vegas experience you want, this is your guide to the secrets and must-know tips about visiting Las Vegas.

Reach Out To Local Experts

Before getting into some specifics, a general pointer is to reach out to websites or companies local to Vegas. You can look into some excellent Las Vegas guides that can help you plan the perfect trip for you. These people will know all the secrets, so they'll make the process easy for you.

Secret 1: A KISS Themed Mini-Golf Experience

If you're a fan of 80s rock or want the type of attraction that defines the camp and fun of Vegas, the KISS Monster Mini Golf is a fun little secret tucked away at the Rio. Plus, the place offers more than just mini golf. There are also arcade games and even a rock n' roll-themed wedding chapel. What could get more Las Vegas than that? It's a fun Vegas place not many people know about.

Secret 2: Find Fun Vintage Items

While many people like to go to Vegas to shop, you don't have to just go to the luxury brands or the populated malls filled with chain stores. Instead, you can find some one-of-a-kind items by going to vintage stores in the area. One that many locals recommend is Patina DΓ©cor. You can find vintage items of clothing or even decorations and furniture.

Secret 3: See The Unique Pinball Hall of Fame

Vegas has so many enjoyable, luxurious attractions that some weird ones get lost in the shuffle. While in another city, people might remember an attraction like the Pinball Hall of Fame, in Vegas, many people haven't even heard of it. This is somewhat of a museum, but it's much more interactive than that. You can play pinball machines from various decades, and it's all for free.

Secret 4: A Hidden Gem Of A Spa

After all the sightseeing and partying, many people want to unwind and rejuvenate with a spa experience. Most hotels and resorts offer a spa, but if you're going to get away from the hustle and bustle with a perfect spa experience, check out the Imperial Spa. This Korean spa is open 24 hours a day, so you can relax whenever is best for you. Overall, it's a lovely place that offers a wide range of treatments and pools and is well-priced.

Secret 5: Stellar Access to Outdoor Recreation

If you've already done the Strip and other Vegas attractions in the city, don't count out the outdoors. Vegas is within just a couple hours of so many stunning outdoor areas. You can check out Lake Mead or drive a little further to Zion National Park. If you want to experience the desert's beauty, consider some outdoor activities.


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