Top 5 Food Festivals in Las Vegas

Top 5 Food Festivals in Las Vegas

There is no better news to a foodie than a local food festival in the area. A food festival is an excellent time to try out new foods & enjoy new flavors. Each year, Las Vegas holds special and recurrent food festivals that celebrate food. The lingering memories will make you want to go and attend the next festival, then the one after that. I guess you could say, good food makes us remember the good times.

However, did you notice, as the food and drink scene evolves, gone are the days when people consider that hiring a catering service is “luxury.” Planning for private events and corporate events is now made easier with many reliable catering services.

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Now, let’s go back to festivals. A food festival is a time of flavors and new tastes. These popular food festivals in Las Vegas are the most expected ones for all foodies.

Make sure you watch out for:

1. Las Vegas Chocolate Festival and Pastry Show

Every year, the tempting Las Vegas Chocolate Festival and Pastry Show brings chocolate lovers together. Indulge all your senses with chocolates, pastries, sweets, and cakes. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect festival to enjoy the sugar rush! The delightful chocolate festival also supports local charities and cancer research, so all that chocolatey goodness comes with a good cause. To top it off, the Las Vegas Chocolate Festival and Pastry Show invites an exciting list of celebrity guests, giving you a good time!

2. Las Vegas Greek Festival

Everyone loves Greek cuisine! The Las Vegas Greek Food Festival is a community festival with a history that dates back to 1973. Have a bite and enjoy Greek food while supporting local non-profit organizations. The event has already been featured in National Geographic Traveler magazine as the best food in Nevada. You can look forward to it every September, a great summer festival indeed!

3. The Great American Foodie Fest

The Great American Foodie Fest happens once every year in Las Vegas. It brings together different food trucks from the country in one place. The lineup of the food trucks makes the event special. In fact, it is one of the largest food festivals in the West Coast that boasts an attendance of over 50,000+ foodies! Cooking demonstrations, celebrity chefs, carnival rides, and the live music also gives this festival a good twist.

4. San Gennaro Feast

Italian food gets celebrated every year at the San Gennaro Feast in Las Vegas. The festival happens bi-annually, usually in May and September. Named after a saint from Italy, the festival features a variety of Italian food as well as activities to entertain the family. Both locals and visitors dig the food and drink choices!

5. Vegas Unstripped

No, this is not a club name. Vegas Unstripped is a recent food festival that features all the local downtown chefs in Las Vegas. The one-night festival gained popularity with the unique food demonstrations. The festival was announced humorously on All Fools day, April 1. It did seem like a prank at first, but the festival has been a huge hit! The good thing about this, the festival has donated the proceeds to a local charity Green Our Planet.

Food festivals are great to bring the communities, and people together. Many special events are also planned throughout the year in and around Las Vegas. If you want to try different cuisines and see mouthwatering demonstrations, food festivals will give you the best experience ever!

What are you waiting for? Plan and book for your favorite food festival!

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