Best Destinations to Go for Honeymoon, Celebrate Love & Never Return

Best destinations to go for honeymoon, celebrate love & never return

The experience of Honeymoon is not something that one should easily forget. These are the moments that you treasure and fondly reminisce for the rest of your life. Soon after you take the marital vows, honeymoon is the first step to enjoy the blissful connubial journey together. So you make it damn sure that this is nothing short of spectacular. One of the key factors that makes a honeymoon memorable is the ambiance that surround you. Love is best expressed when you are in midst of picturesque and breath-taking locations. On that note, we have culled out the finest destinations that become the best backdrop for your romantic indulgence.


Best destinations to go for honeymoon, celebrate love & never return

One word that you would keep repeating over and over after your honeymoon trip to Dubai would be “Awesome”. The more and more you will explore Dubai, you will realise that we are not exaggerating. Once in Dubai, you would be spoilt with a plethora of activities to entertain yourselves. By the end of your honeymoon trip, you both would be planning to come back to Dubai for your first anniversary to do any leftover things. Dubai, the apple of the eye of United Arab Emirates offers a perfect blend of architectural wonders, majestic deserts, & the pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf. Enjoy the best of both worlds as you go shopping in markets that are centuries old or malls that are futuristic from the word go. You can watch sports that you had never seen before and even participate if you have the zeal for it.

Some of the major attractions that you need to add to the to-do-list when in Dubai are as follows:
• Make sure to visit all the trendy malls Dubai has to offer (visit Dubai Mall & Mall of the Emirates without fail)
• Go Skiing at Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates
• Visit the spice market & gold market
• Catch the mesmerizing view from the 40th floor of world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa

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United Kingdom

Best destinations to go for honeymoon, celebrate love & never return
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There is a fact that they say about people, which is “Different folks, different strokes”. Not everybody fancies an island to bring a wow-factor to their honeymoon. There are people who find solace and romance in coastal regions & picturesque villages. For such patrons, United Kingdom is an ideal destination to spend their honeymoon. No matter where you are in the world, there are certain things that are quintessentially English: From double-decker buses, Irish pubs, country houses, aristocratic accents, & cold, sunny, & rainy weather.

Some of the highly celebrated locations in United Kingdom for honeymooners are listed below:
• Make sure you visit Scotland, reach Edinburgh & stay by the shores of Loch Ness
• Visit Northumberland – World’s best-kept secret with untouched beaches, creamy yellow sand, & castles like Alnwick from the Harry Potter fame
• Make your way to Norfolk to witness the stunning Heritage Coastline and the beautiful Broads
• Head towards Devon to experience dramatic landscapes, Jurassic Coast cliff walks, winding country drives through narrow lanes, & sandy beaches.

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United States of America

Best destinations to go for honeymoon, celebrate love & never return
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It doesn’t matter whether you prefer beaches, the desert, mountains, or a cosmopolitan atmosphere, United States of America has it all. The Empire State, the Hollywood sign, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, & Park Avenue are the global icons that define United States. However, America is a land blessed with stunning diversity & achingly beautiful landscapes. The miscellany of the place lets us enjoy rockies & cascades in one state, storybook desert backdrops of the Southwest, endless rolling plains of Texas & Kansas, & the comatose & virgin villages of New England.

United States have a wide variety of locations for celebrating love, some of the most beautiful ones are listed below:
• Hawaii – The Big Island adds a pleasant twist to your honeymoon experience by offering you geographic diversity in form of entangled jungles, lava deserts, & snow clad mountains
• Watch your love blossom and turn up the romance when you are surrounded by crystal-clear waters and jagged mountain peaks at Lake Tahoe
• Take a road trip to the entertainment capital of the world – Las Vegas. You can experience every form of entertainment every made for humans. Try your luck at some of the best casinos, take a helicopter trip to Grand Canyon
• If you want a relaxed atmosphere on your honeymoon then head towards Cape Cod. Life here moves at a slower pace and you can spend your time ogling at honey-colored sands as you munch on luscious seafood. Get your US Visa before the travel.

If you are looking for something really offbeat and you don’t mind travelling to another part of the planet, then we suggest you travel to Kerala in India or Sri Lanka


The diverse and vibrant culture in India attracts a lot of tourists across the globe to this incredible destination, one that is home to myriads of tradition and a rich heritage. There is something to discover at every corner, a new cuisine, a novel dialect, and a unique way of life. The abundant wealth of traveller experience that this nation offers is truly peerless. While variety of experiences that you get is tremendous, we give you a brief portrait of this verdant green land that is quintessentially Indian (also has a few more monikers like the ‘Venice of the East’ and Land of Spices and Tea plantations), i.e., Kerala.


Best destinations to go for honeymoon, celebrate love & never return
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Flanked by Western Ghats on a side and the Arabian sea on the other, Kerala, also popularly known as “God’s own country,” affords you with romantic locations immaculately sculpted by nature. In Kerala, make sure you visit locations like Chembara Peak, Wayanad, treehouses that face waterfalls in Athirappilly, Tea Gardens in Munnar & Houseboat Cruise in Kumarakom. Get a good kerala tour package.

Sri Lanka

Best destinations to go for honeymoon, celebrate love & never return
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Sri Lanka is slowly becoming one of the most sought after honeymoon destination for lovers across the globe. It is a place where Buddhism still exists in its complete originality and where nature is unspoilt and abundant. Things that make Sri Lanka special are its natural landscapes, alluring culture, & friendly locals. Avail a Sri Lanka visa before the travel. Sri lanka has 15 national parks, roughly 500,000 acres of lush tea gardens, 350 waterfalls, & 25,000 water bodies. Some of the most romantic honeymoon places in Sri Lanka are Mirissa, Tangalle, Trincomalee, & Nuwara Eliya.


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