Packing Tips For A Smooth Start To Your Trip

If you haven't ever procrastinated when packing for your next travel adventure, you might be part of a small group. Almost anyone can imagine the anticipation before a big trip, accompanied by the thousands of tiny details that occupy the mind.

Unfortunately, giving yourself plenty of time to pack often isn’t a option with your busy schedule or not something you’re willing to do. The good thing is, there are a lot of easy tips to keep in mind when you begin packing that will help you cut down on time and avoid any missed essentials.

Ultimately, your goal should be to maximize your comfort while not sacrificing style. Take a look at the tips below and start enjoying your next adventure before you even leave the house.

Top 3 Ways to Stay Organized

1. Make a list before you pack anything.

Lists are a great for two reasons: they make it harder to forget the essentials and they help you limit yourself to only what you need.

2. Lay out everything that you need to pack in one place.

If you lay everything out in one place, like your bed or living room floor, you can imagine what you will wear better. This is a great time to assess what you've picked out, and promptly begin removing unnecessary items.

3. Give yourself plenty of time to pack properly.

Take the time to coordinate your clothing into a similar color scheme and the future you will thank the past you. Take your time and don't rush the process of packing. When you rush, you are more likely to forget something you will really need on your trip!

How to Pack A Suitcase Like a Pro

Clothing Tips

1. Choose fabrics that resist wrinkling. - Pick out knits, wools, and cottons.

2. Choose versatile items. - Pack smarter, not harder. Pack less without sacrificing anything.

3. Roll most of your clothing. - Items that require less care, like underwear, T-shirts, jeans, etc.

4. Nicer items should always be folded. - Fold stiff dress clothes to prevent wrinkles.

5. Invest in packing cubes. - Another great way to organize a better trip!

Shoe Tips

1. Slip smaller items into your shoes. - Bring your sunglasses, lotions, and other small necessities with you safely.

2. Seal shoes in 1 gallon plastic bags. - Protect your clothing from dirty shoes.

3. Leave uncomfortable shoes at home. - Yes, even the ones that match your outfit just right.

Makeup & Beauty Product Tips

1. Use cotton wool to protect items from cracking. - Slip it between the flip lid before packing.

2. Invest in a makeup kit for travel. - If you're not a makeup artist by trade, you shouldn't carry half your vanity.

3. Pack half of what you think you need. - Most places will sell common toiletries.

How to Pack Light & Still Look Good

Another important part of making your travel adventures simple and easy should be thinking realistically about your needs. The chances of meeting a fairytale prince in a foreign country and needing a ballgown are slim to none.

It also seems unlikely that you will need three different outfits for everyday of your trip. Many people have made packing light into an art, one which doesn't require them to give up comfort or style in the pursuit of less luggage.

One of the best ways to remain realistic before your next vacation is to limit yourself to a carry-on. You might think that a carry-on means you need to say goodbye to dressing well. However, if you follow the right advice, you can end up dressing better than if you had packed a jumbo-sized piece of luggage (plus your carry-on).

Browse through the following guidelines (and perhaps think up a few of your own) to get started with lighter packing.

1. Limit yourself with heavy items, such as shoes and pants. It's also a good idea to wear your heaviest items, instead of packing them.

2. Pack only enough clothes for one week. If you've planned a vacation for longer than a week, no sweat. Make plans to do laundry wherever you end up.

3. Only pack the essentials. You can't afford to bring something on the 1% chance that you might wear it.

4. Rolling your clothing is the best way to maximize space.

5. Free up space in your bags by using phone apps. Instead of physical items that take up space, like cameras, notebooks, books, magazines, and guide books, give your cellphone the exact same functions.

6. Choose colors that work well together. You can still mix and match vacation looks when packing light, by styling your own vacation capsule wardrobe.

Packing Smarter Equals a Happier Vacation

Don't let packing become an afterthought! If you take time to plan and strategize, packing becomes easier. You may also discover an unknown enjoyment when packing your bags for your next trip. The key is to be realistic about your travel needs and resourceful in your packing techniques.

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