Southeast Asia Adventure Holidays: Where to Go and What to Do for an Action-packed Holiday

Southeast Asia adventure holidays: where to go and what to do for an action-packed holiday

It might be known for its party-loving lifestyle and tropical climate, but Southeast Asia has much more to offer. If you manage to tear yourself away from the 50p pints and unrivalled nightlife, you’re sure to discover adventure holidays that will unlock hidden beauties in this corner of the globe.

This region boasts some of the most mesmerising landscapes in the world and is moulded by centuries of ancient cultures and civilisations. Lose yourself in lush rainforests, chase tropical fish in the sea and immerse yourself in traditions that are far flung from anything you’ve ever known.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

A historical and religious site that holds vast significance for Cambodians and the whole of Southeast Asia, Angkor Wat is a cherished temple that was the former capital of the Khmer kingdom.

The kingdom once ruled over most of Southeast Asia until the ancient civilisation crumbled and left in its wake illustrious temples and architecture that have been preserved for centuries. Today, these sites are used as Buddhist monasteries. After exploring the temple site, hop on your bike and discover the rest of Siem Reap where countless cultural treasures are to be found.

Bali, Indonesia

Famous for its yoga and meditation retreats, Bali is often seen by the rest of the world as a city of healing and rebirth. However, there are plenty of outdoor adventures to be had too. Due to its incredible network of islands, mountain viewpoints are simply unparalleled. Combine two natural wonders by hiking up Mount Batur for sunrise.

The Ubud Monkey Forest is also a must-do. Its name is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s much more than just a place to view monkeys. The forest is considered by many Indonesians as holy and is thought to bring prosperity to the inhabitants of Padang Tegal village.

Luang Prabang, Laos

An often-overlooked country in the Southeast Asian corner, Laos is small but bustling with things to see and do in Luang Prabang. In Northern Laos lies Luang Prabang, a former French colonial town that is the perfect springboard to visit the jaw-droppingly beautiful Kuang Si waterfalls.

After returning back from the falls, head into the city for a bite to eat and wander through the night markets which stretch on endlessly through the main street. Here you can buy anything from art to jewellery and fashion items from local vendors.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay probably features on every traveller’s bucket list. It’s considered to be a geographical wonder with isolated limestone islets dotting the sea, each one covered in tropical shrubs and trees. Take a boat tour around the region or hit the water with a canoe and stumble across undiscovered pockets of tropical bliss.

Where ever you choose to visit in Southeast Asia, adventure is never far away.


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