Where to Get Japanese Goods and Food until Borders Reopen?

Where to get Japanese Goods and Food Until Borders Reopen?

If you're still checking official websites every day to see if you can visit Japan, you're undoubtedly disappointed by the results. Thankfully, there are ways to visit Japan without leaving the comfort of your home. With the vast number of websites available to meet your every demand, there is no reason to go shopping in malls today, and Japanese goods and online food stores are no exception. We've compiled a list of online shops for various interests, including groceries, clothing, and even Japanese souvenirs, so whether you're trying to pass some time or let free with a little shopping therapy, you can find what you're looking for here.

Rakuten Japan

1. Rakuten Japan

The biggest online store in Japan, Rakuten, sells everything from Japanese cosmetics to minimalist clothing for the whole family. Here, you may find a huge selection of products that both manufacturers and third-party sellers provide.

OMG Japan sale section

2. OMG Japan

OMG Japan is a Tokyo-based exporter of goods for people learning Japanese, as well as Japanese sweets, snacks, toys, accessories, and other popular Japanese things! OMG Japan focuses on Japanese culture. OMG Japan Shopping ships goods everywhere except for Indonesia and the majority of African nations.

Sugoi Mart

3. Sugoi Mart

Japan Crate established Sugoi Mart as a one-stop shop for everything Japanese! You can buy incredibly adorable Japanese goods like ramen, snacks featuring anime characters, Japanese candies, figurines, and more. Sugoi Mart makes it a mission to develop a deeper love for Japan by always looking for the best and freshest candies, snacks, and beverages from Japan to share with you.

Amazon Japan

4. Amazon Japan

The popular e-commerce site Amazon has a Japanese counterpart with numerous unique items only sold in Japan. The design of Amazon Japan and Amazon.com is identical. Aside from the fact that everything should first be written in Japanese. Thankfully, the globe symbol on the main menu allows you to change the language to English or Chinese. Over 60 nations can receive some of the products that Amazon Japan ships.

Japan Centre

5. Japan Centre

Numerous Japanese cuisine items, books, dinnerware, gifts, and a separate food hall, are available at the Japan Centre. You may see how much the Japan Centre has to offer as a Japanese online retailer by taking a short look around the site. They deliver to almost 99 percent of the world and have an almost unfathomable selection of products available on their website. Therefore, if you're thinking about hosting a Japanese dinner soon, visit this shop now!

So there you have it! These are a handful of the top online shops where you may purchase Japanese goods and foods until borders reopen. Japan's e-commerce is strong, practical, and has room to expand with its reliable delivery system. When buying products from Japan, you can pretty much find anything you want. There is no scarcity of choice, whether it is in terms of apparel or devices, books, or cosmetics. Don't be hesitant to give something new a try! Whatever Japanese products you are looking for will be found in the shops listed above.


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