6 Rustic-Chic Getaways You’d Absolutely Love

6 Rustic-Chic Getaways You’d Absolutely Love

Everyone has a different definition of a perfect travel getaway. Some people will say they want to go somewhere quiet and peaceful, like in the mountains or countryside; just surrounded by beautiful nature and experience the old-world charm.

Others prefer a place full of life, lights, fun, and adventure. They love meeting new people and exploring new cultures. They want a modern touch to everything.

But some people desire to combine both elements of rustic and modernity. This approach is the famous rustic-chic approach. It means people who want to have a rustic yet luxurious and chic experience. As a rustic-chic vacationer, you might wonder how and, more importantly, where you can combine these two elements?

Look no further if you want to experience a luxurious vacation with a touch of the old school. This article will guide you about six rustic chic getaways you will love.

1. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

There is no better rustic-chic getaway than Gatlinburg, TN. The biggest attraction there is the Great Smoky Mountains range. It is a living mountain range that keeps getting reinvented by water, erosion, and wind that shape these ageless mountains. The Great Smoky Mountains Park is at the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. There is always morning smoke in these mountains, thus leading to their famous name.

You can book a cabin in Gatlinburg near the Great Smoky Mountains to have a rustic-chic experience. While you get to soak up the nature and beauty of these mountains, you can relax in your luxurious cabin. You can Google “Gatlinburg cabins with indoor pool,” and you will find awesome cabins to book that also has a pool. This way, you can take your getaway to the next level. You can enjoy swimming without leaving your luxurious cabin and get closer to the Smoky Mountains. What else can anyone ask for?

2. Park City, Utah

Park City, UT, is majorly famous as a skiing resort and also due to the Sundance film festival that takes place there. But that is not all that this city has to offer. You can have your perfect rustic chic getaway in Waldorf Astoria Park City. Just walk into it, and you will feel the earthy, gentle, leather-wood aroma.

Apart from smelling phenomenal, this place has a mesmerizing interior. You will be fascinated by the crystal baccarat chandeliers, bronze stag statues, and antique velvet and leather furniture. It is all the courtesy of amazing designer Stephen Brady, and its prime mountains meet the modern scheme for anyone who wants a classic yet modern style experience.

3. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is the biggest city in South Carolina. Although it is famous for its historic streets and Southern hospitality, there is a touch of modernism there, too. Have a stylish boutique hideaway at The Spectator Hotel. This place has everything, from personalized butlers to glamorously appointed guest rooms.

Suppose you want to experience more of the historic site of the city. In that case, you can visit the brick-paved famous Stolls Alley, which comprises pastel-colored houses from the 18th century that form a rainbow row. You can rent a vehicle and pedal around that street.

Another attractive thing there is the innovative food points. You can book a table at the trendy Leon’s Oyster Shop and have world-class food. Another eatery that is famous for its style is Little Jack’s Tavern.

4. Philipsburg, Montana

You can have the most luxurious experience at Ranch at Rock Creek in Philipsburg, Montana, which has all types of accommodations. Various glamping cabins and dwellings, including a three-room 19th-century barn, and a nine-room granite lodge, are available for rent.

The rooms are all rustic-chic, and nothing is missing. The western-style rooms are perfectly complemented with a neutral palette of colors, frontier antiques, woven textiles, towering canopy beds, and upholstered rocking chairs.

After you are finally done being in awe of the room and interior. You can also participate in fun ranching activities like fly-fishing and horseback riding. The dinner is also amazing there, fuel up with burgers, wild salmon kale salads, and blueberry cobbler. You would not want to leave this place after spending even a long time here.

5. Tulum, Quintana Roo

Tulum, located on the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, seems specially made for people with rustic-chic getaway goals. It is a place where fashion, nature, world-class dining, and nightlife all combine to give you a mystical experience.

A famous attraction there is a wellness-minded eco-resort, Azulik Hotel, and Maya Spa. The a-listers bed down in its beautiful clifftop treehouse villas. Hit the Azulik beach to enjoy hearing the lapping of the Caribbean. Or treat yourself with a coconut-bamboo massage, or forget your troubles by relaxing in a medicinal bath.

There are other famous eco-parks nearby as well. If you want to explore more, visit Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a world heritage site, or the Tulum Ruins. While you are there, you will get to experience nature up close and treat yourself, too.

6. Beaver Creek, Colorado

If you want a change of scenery, your best option might be the Beaver Creek Mountains. You can have a literal movie-like experience at Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch. There, you wake up in your plush feather bed while you unwrap yourself from 400-count cotton sheets from Egypt. And then, you can walk to your private balcony to absorb the mesmerizing view of the Beaver Creek Mountains. You will feel like there is nothing more luxurious than this.

If you want a fun time, you can visit the Beaver Creek ski village, which is just a quick ride away. You can also have a wholesome dinner experience at Mirabelle, a farmhouse serving hearty plates to make your experience even more memorable. This place will give you the perfect experience of your dreams.

To Summarize

If you are a travel enthusiast and your preferred style is a rustic-chic getaway, this is the right place. Here are six options for you to add to your travel list. These places, cities, and resorts combine the classic elements of architecture and interior with modern things. These options offer good food, nature, luxury, and self-care. You will have the rustic-chic experience of a lifetime in these places.


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