Why you Should Choose Egypt for Your Next Adventure Holiday

Top Things To Do in Egypt

When it comes to selecting a middle-eastern country to head to for an adventure holiday, Egypt tops the bill easily. With everything from wonders of the world, to camel rides through the desert and the fascinating phenomenon that is the red sea, very few middle eastern countries offer so much to do in such a small surface area. As one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, Egypt isn’t all about all-inclusive resorts and getting a tan, although there is plenty of opportunity to do so if you wish.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should be thinking about choosing Egypt for your next adventure holiday:

The Red Sea

Going snorkeling in the Red Sea is a life changing experience and one those heading to Egypt on holiday definitely shouldn’t miss out on. Boasting over 400 varieties of different coral and an amazing 1500 different species of fish, you’ll be able to spot a whole rainbow of different coloured sea life including turtles and baby sharks too. With Encounters Travel you can embark on a number of different amazing excursions to the Red Sea, with a number of boat trips available.

The Pyramids

Based in Cairo, Giza is where the incredible Pyramids are situated and one of the most exciting reasons so many people visit Egypt each year. As one of the most fascinating man-made spectacles on the planet the pyramids dominate the landscape. You can also see the famous Sphinx here and admire the Solar Boat, which was originally designed to transport the Pharos spirit to the afterlife. Amazing, educational and a once in a lifetime experience, if for nothing else adventure seekers have to visit Egypt simply for the pyramids.

Sharm El Sheikh

From quad biking in the desert to trekking across the landscape on a camel, Sharm el Sheik as Egypt’s main tourist resort is packed with things to do for tourists with loads of great beaches and plenty of diving opportunities in the warm waters of the red sea there’s so much to see and do the whole area is an adventure seekers paradise.

Gorgeous weather, stunning scenery and with so much to offer, Egypt is an ideal destination for adventure seekers. With all these amazing reasons to choose Egypt for your next adventure holiday, it makes sense to look into heading there on a fun filled adventure holiday today.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Liberato used under Wikipedia Commons.

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