Best Way to Travel Through Southern Europe with Family

Best Way to Travel Through Southern Europe with Family

Suppose you wish to experience that Southern European charm; now is as good a time as any! Such gems as Spain, Italy, Greece, and many others are what you shall explore during your time here. Not to mention, these kinds of trips are perfectly suitable for solo trips, couples’ retreats, and family vacations. If the latter is your case, we have some tips for the best way to travel through Southern Europe with family, so let’s check them out!

Small Itinerary

Now, there is not a country in Southern Europe that is in some way unfit to take your children, or the elderly, on the other hand. And since the whole region is rich in scenic landscapes, cities full of entertainment, and vibrant, touristy locations, there is no chance you could make the wrong choice!

However, we suggest you make an itinerary that includes the three giants of Southern Europe. And these are Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Each is different, yet in some ways similar, lively and rich, these countries are worth visiting and have plenty of entertainment for children and adults!

Do some research, and you will find many various playgrounds, educational centers or museums, and amusement parks for you to enjoy with your kids!

While in Portugal, make sure to choose the railway to explore the cities easily. For example, check out the Faro to Lisbon train!

Best Way to Travel Through Southern Europe with Family


Now that we have mentioned the train, you might as well think further about how you are going to navigate the whole of Southern Europe.

Firstly, wherever you are coming from, your first lading on the Southern European soil should be by plain. Unless you are leaving from a very near-distant location, we suggest you fly here since you will be doing plenty of riding and driving while you explore. There are numerous different opportunities to fly to each country here, depending on where you want to start. The flights are usually quite frequent, and if you are from any other part of Europe, they are relatively cheap, as well.

As for transportation regarding you already being in the area, at number one we suggest trains. While many families tend to choose rental cars, as they imagine they are more comfortable for families, this is usually not the case. In the end, it ends up being more tiring than convenient, with a small space for everyone to share and constant checking of the navigation or a map.

To avoid these inconveniences, we suggest railways. Most of the systems in Southern European countries are very well developed, so not only can you travel within the country’s walls, but also cut borders and make this a train trip overall!

In addition, you can use buses! Both of those might be a lot more comfortable than driving a car since you will have a lot more space for yourself, like compartments and coupes. Also, you will not have to worry about not taking the right roads or getting lost. Public transportation will get you straight to your desired destination!

While exploring Italy, check out the Venice to Florence train!

Best Way to Travel Through Southern Europe with Family


When you are traveling through Europe, you will probably want a comfortable place to stay since the trip will be intense. Especially with kids! Now, you mainly have a couple of choices. You can choose hotels or Airbnbs. In all things that matter, the two are quite similar. You can find hotels and Airbnbs that are pleasant and at fantastic locations. However, you have to consider a few things before choosing.

On the one hand, you will probably save a bit of money if you decide to forego hotels. Usually, they are more expensive compared to rental places. Especially if you travel during the holiday season!

However, many Airbnb renters tend to offer their places for more than a night, so if your plan is to move quickly and not spend more than a night or two in the same country, you should keep that in mind!

Lastly, if you are traveling with young children, not every hotel can offer you big enough rooms so that the whole family can stay in. Especially if you are on a budget. If you like your youngsters close to you, an Airbnb might be a more suitable choice!

Best Way to Travel Through Southern Europe with Family

There you go! Now that you know the basics of quick and safe traveling through Southern Europe, all it is left is to make a fabulous itinerary, get your tickets, grab your kids, and have the best family vacation ever!


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