Don’t Miss These 5 Things to Do When You Travel to Sweden

Don’t Miss These 5 Things to Do When You Travel Sweden

Plan an adventurous holiday in Northern Europe - that means visiting Sweden! It is the perfect destination for your next trip, rich with culture and stunning landscapes. There are numerous famous tourist attractions, so if you are unsure what is worth your time, skim through our list of these 5 things you should definitely do while in Sweden.

1. Visit Gamla Stan

That sounds like some magical place in a fairytale, right? Well, the truth is not that far away. Gamla Stan is actually the old town of the capital city Stockholm, which should come at the top of your must-see list. Much of the architecture remains medieval, but there are glimpses of the traditional Scandinavian style you see nowadays. In this neighborhood, you will find various restaurants and shops and, most importantly, three museums and a handful of churches.

Don’t Miss These 5 Things to Do When You Travel Sweden

2. See Northern Lights in Lapland

This magnificent natural phenomenon is something that travelers chase every time they near the Northern regions. Luckily, you can admire the Auroras in Sweden, Lapland. Famous for more than just being home to Santa Claus, this province is a great place to indulge in multiple winter-related activities and, of course, to see the Northern Lights. There are many beautiful and secluded areas to enjoy the sights, so get ready to spend a relaxing night at one of the most stunning wintery regions.

Don’t Miss These 5 Things to Do When You Travel Sweden

3. Ski Through Old Military Mountain Tunnels

If you are into winter sports and extremity, take on skiing in Sweden! However, if you are bored of all the regular routes, visit the tiny town of Gallo, one of the most amazing cities to visit in Sweden. Here the former top-secret network of mountain tunnels has been transformed into a year-round skiing facility. This is the world’s longest skiing tunnel, so be prepared for a whole day in this region. If you get tired of skiing, you can also try out

To discover more ideas, see Sweden tours.

4. Discover the Wilderness in Sweden National Parks

National parks are very popular in the country, and it takes up almost 7.000 km², which is nearly 2% of the total area. Here, you get to admire Alpine landscapes and glistening valleys. One of the most important ones of all is the Abisko National Par. Famous for not only being a great place to see Auroras, but Abisko also has stunning scenery, and you can even learn about the reindeer-herding culture. If you decide to visit Sarek or Padjelanta, keep an eye out for lynx, elk, wolverine, and even the endangered Arctic fox. And if you go exploring Stora Sjofallet, go hiking on the Akka massif, a beautiful mountain range, otherwise known as “The Queen of Lapland.”

Don’t Miss These 5 Things to Do When You Travel Sweden

5. Visit Fotografiska

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, Fotografiska is one of the world’s leading photography museums and serves as an international meeting place for photographers and practitioners. As a result, the displayed collections are usually the perfect mix of works by both barely starting newcomers and globally famous photographers, such as Mattias Klum, Sebastiao Salgado, and Annie Liebovitz.

Fill up your itinerary with these fun activities and add even more! Whether you seek an educational holiday, an active or a relaxing one, Sweden should be at the top of your list. Enjoy the European culture and marvelous landscapes!


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