Top 5 Travel Destinations to Get Rid of Winter Blues

In the winter, we barely see the sun. The temperatures are low and so are our spirits. Of course, some people absolutely thrive during the winter. Power to them. But a lot of us yearn for sandy beaches and sunshine during the colder season. Fortunately, the world is a huge place. When it’s winter where you are, it’s summer somewhere else.

If you’re looking for a vacation to rest and rejuvenate in the sun, keep reading. These 5 travel destinations will have you nice and golden by March.

1. Puerto Rico

As a Caribbean Island, Puerto Rico experiences sun almost 365 days a year. The island is a beautiful location to take a short trip or even a permanent vacation. The locals are super friendly, the food is divine, and there are plenty of activities to entice any type of traveler.

Are you interested in hiking? Puerto Rico has beautiful rainforests and mountain ranges for you. How about water sports? Puerto Rico is surrounded by beaches and has a great surfing/water skiing culture. Maybe you’re a foodie? The dishes in Puerto Rico combine traditional Spanish flavors with their own Caribbean twist.

2. New Zealand

Now this is a popular destination recently. Whether it’s for the beautiful landscapes or for its amazing culture, New Zealand is a country rich with adventures to be had. Plus, they’re on the other side of the equator. That means they have summer from September to March, when we would normally experience winter.

With its fast-growing urban areas in addition to its natural beauty, you might even consider relocating with the help of a service like MovingtoNewZealand. That doesn’t have to be the end game for everyone, but it is a great place to visit and get some sun on your winter vacation.

3. The Philippines

Not surprisingly, another island made this list. This one, located in the Pacific Ocean, is the Philippines. The Philippines has a rich and deep culture that has been influenced by many different countries. They still manage to have their own unique spin on things, however, which makes the country a delight to visit.

The locals are amazingly generous and will offer to give you tours, recommend restaurants, and even help you around the cities. There is a lot of sun in the Philippines as well, which is perfect for fighting winter blues.

4. Chile

More than just an ingredient in food, Chile offers rich history, amazing architecture, and exploration into a culture that surprises even locals. Chile has a tropical climate, meaning that the weather tends to stay warmer than places farther north. This means that you won’t be feeling a hint of the winter.

Unless you are a fan of hiking. Chile has astounding mountain ranges that give you an up close and personal look at their past. If you climb Machu Picchu you will be in the midst of the ancient Incan society, for all those history nerds out there (me too). The views are incredible, and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity that should not be missed.

5. South Africa

Another place with year-round summer, South Africa is a great destination for those who are feeling a little adventurous. Of course, South Africa isn’t just popular for its summer, the country has many fun tours, activities and beautiful beaches. It’s an amazing place to explore and learn more about yourself while staying warm.

Winter doesn’t have to be the mood crusher that it normally is. Travel is a great way to help cure the cold-weather blues. So, what are you waiting for? Get going!

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