Traveling With Dogs During the Cold? Here’s What You Need to Know

Traveling With Dogs During the Cold? Here’s What You Need to Know

The holiday season is a busy time for travel, and if you're bringing your furry friend with you, you may be going to a place where it's pretty cold. 

As the saying goes, if you're cold, your pets are cold too. So, here are some essential rules you need to know when traveling with your furry companion. 

Come Prepared

First, let's get some common sense out of the way. When traveling, you should always bring your pet records, vaccination records and be aware of the pet policies on the airlines and hotels you'll be staying at. If your dog is an emotional support animal, be sure to register it at the ESA Registration of America. Then, a week before traveling, be sure all your documents are in order. If you can, visit your veterinarian to ensure your pet is fit to travel.

For the day of travel, make sure you have the necessary treats, travel apparatus, and accessories to take care of your animal during your journey. From pee pads to portable litter boxes to collapsible water bowls, it's essential to check and then recheck you have what you need for that day. 

Can Your Dog Handle the Cold?

Some dogs are built for the winter. For example, a Husky won't care too much if the temperature gets a little cold. Meanwhile, the Chihuahua is not going to like a cold climate. These two examples are obvious, but many other breeds are a bit more ambiguous as to if they like the cold or not. Do your research on your breed so you can come prepared.

Be Sure Your Destination is Pet-Friendly

We mentioned hotels, but what about the other areas at your destination? You don’t want to leave your pet out there in your hotel room, and if you’re eating, you certainly don’t want to leave them out in the cold.

Some places have pet-friendly stores, restaurants, and plenty of dog parks. Others will allow pets if they're service animals. It may be best to leave your animal with a sitter in some cases.

Purchase Some Items to Keep Them Warm

Even if your dog is built for the winter, it doesn’t hurt to purchase some winter clothes, boots, and rainjackets to keep them warm. Not only are these clothes fashionable, but they can add an extra layer of protection. For example, rain jackets can be helpful to keep your pets dry during a cold shower. Meanwhile, boots can keep their little paws warm when they're in the snow.

You may not need these if you're going to be primarily indoors. However, if you're going to be outside a lot with them, invest in some clothes. Your dog will stay warm and toasty. 


As we go deeper into winter, always be mindful of how your pup handles the cold. Preparing for your pet while traveling applies to any time of year, but it applies even more in cold temperatures. Keep both you and your pet stress-free this traveling season.


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