Astrology for travel: An introduction to Astrocartography

Astrology for travel: An introduction to Astrocartography

What is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography, also called “locational astrology” or “astrogeography,” the concept was popularized by writer and astrologist Jim Lewis in the 1970s.

Astrocartography is a very useful tool for it allows us to understand our relationship to the planets and the Earth, so we can plan our journeys and moves accordingly, make adjustments, and know how to work with the energy of whichever line we may find ourselves under.

Combining Astrocartography with one's natal chart can make life on Earth much easier and more prosperous as the native will move and relocate to the place that holds the most beneficial potential and opportunities for growth and abundance based on the planetary lay lines across the globe.

Astrocartography is mostly used for relocation Astrology. A relocation chart works by inserting all of your natal chart info but changing the place of birth to the place where you desire to move. Once that is done, you are left with the relocation chart that can tell you your fortune in a place where you're looking to move.

However, it can also be used for planning a holiday or a longer trip abroad. Based on your desires and wants, you can choose a specific place that will match with your own natal chart extremely well in order to achieve the desired results.

If you’re chasing an adventure check out places that have Mercurial or Mars lines combined with your own. If you are seeking pleasures, nice views and a good time – check for the crossing of Venusian lines. If you want to visit the places from your past lives, look for Saturn lay lines, and if you want to see what the future and spiritual growth may hold for you, look for the crossings with Uranus and Neptune lines.


It’s a given that all of the countries have their own natal chart, which means Sun, Moon, Rising and all other planetary placements, fixed stars even. America has a strong influence of Orion (the Hunter) in their country’s natal chart, thus its entire chart is colored by the influence of the Orion constellation. What’s more, America will have its first Pluto return in 2023. We’ll all be witnesses to history in making.

Well, that’s for countries, but did you know that all of the continents have a certain sign? They, do. Northern America carries the archetype of Cancer and Lunar energies, which is why everything is so emotionally charged, green and blue. Northern Americas (USA, Canada, Alaska) have the most national parks and reservations, lakes, rivers, streams, forests, mountains and open skies.

The same energy and archetype as Africa – also Cancer. Africa is one of the largest continents on our planet and one of the richest in natural resources, too. All people who’re not native but visited Africa told stories of marvelous lands, various cultures and riches that layout in the open. Cancer is the sign that gives and never stops giving, it’s the sign of our planet.

The European continent is in the sign of Taurus, and if you look closely Europe is mostly known for its rich cuisine (a plethora of tastes all intertwined on such a small continent and coexisting for centuries), beautiful architecture, romantic cities and passionate people who love to love and touch each other.

Next, we have Capricorn continents: South America and the Antarctic. What is common for both of these continents is a form of restriction. South America is extremely hot, and only people who have grown up there, who’re accustomed to the climate can blend in.

The same, only even more rigorous goes for Antarctica. It’s a harsh desolate land that houses the survival of only the fittest. There’s no room for mistakes in Antarctica, and only those who are born there can survive there. It’s the land of restrictions and the only continent where climate change is as obvious as day. Saturn’s strict and karmic influence really can be seen through his lordship over both of these continents.

And, finally, we have Asia and Australia – both continents in the archetype of Pisces. Australia is one of the most isolated and heavily populated continents of its kind. The urban landscape resembles that of Los Angeles and San Francisco, and yet, it’s somehow different, there’s something etheric and esoteric about it.

Asia is such a vast and rich continent. Rich with philosophies, history, cultures and religion. And what is Pisces’ signature symbol – religion and faith. Asia is the crib of Buddhism, one of the few religions of the modern age that still retains its philosophical value. And the food is mostly sea-oriented and considered very “foreign”, almost alien-like from the point of view of the rest of the world. Truly Piscean archetype to the core.

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Mary Aragon is the tarot reader behind AbcTarot. Her mission is to make tarot understandable for everyone as a tool for reflecting and understanding our life.


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