10 Adventures In The Visayas To Add To Your Bucket List

10 Adventures In The Visayas To Add To Your Bucket List

Adventures have always been part of my travels. Zip lining, island hopping, chasing waterfalls and mountaineering are just some of the activities I love doing most. Aside from the pristine white sand beaches, extravagant festivals and good food, the Visayas also offers adventurous and exciting activities that shouldn't be missed by brave souls looking for a thrilling and exhilarating adventure.

Here are some of my recommended adventures in the Visayas:

1. Sky Experience Adventure at Regency Hotel in Cebu

When in Cebu City, one should never fail to try the country's first sky attraction, the Skywalk Extreme at the Crown Regency Hotel & Towers. On the hotel's 37th floor is the SkyWalk Extreme where you will walk around the platform built outside the building and get a very nice view of the whole city. Join our adventure here.

2. Island/Cove hopping in Guimaras

Traveling to Guimaras will never be complete without doing the island hopping tour. Explore the island by hopping in the nearby islets, coves and beaches. Definitely, a must-do activity in this tiny island! Join our adventure here.

3. Beach Camping on Canigao Island, Leyte

Canigao island is secluded; nature lovers and adventure seekers will really have a good time here just enjoying the sand, the sun and the beach. Away from the comforts of the city life, here, you just enjoy sitting at the shoreline waiting for the dawn to break or the sun to set, listening to the sound of the waves and savoring the cool breeze of the air. Truly, a perfect place for a beach camping adventure! Join our adventure here.

4. Zorb ride in Boracay, Malay Aklan

Get wet and feel the thrill while you're inside a huge rubber ball rolling on a hill. I got to try this in Boracay! Join my adventure here.

5. Trekking to the waterfalls in Mambukal Mountain Resort, Murcia Negros Occidental

Mambukal Mountain Resort offers more than great encounters with nature, but an experience of a lifetime. One can trek to the seven waterfalls where your endurance and stamina can be truly tested. Join my adventure here.

6. Helmet Diving in Boracay, Malay Aklan

If you are not a scuba diver but you want to see the life under the waters of Boracay, this is one adventurous activity perfect for you. Helmet diving/Reef walking is done by wearing a specialized helmet with a tube connected to an oxygen tank to give air while you're under the water. Join my adventure here.

7. Climbing OsmeΓ±a Peak in Dalaguete Cebu

Climb the highest point on the island of Cebu and enjoy the breath-taking view of rugged peaks at the summit which is part of the multiple jagged hills comprising the Mantalungon mountain range.

8. River Kayaking and Kawa Hot Bath in Tibiao Antique

Tibiao Antique is an eco-adventure destination that offers exciting activities. The rushing water and stiff rapids of the Tibiao River is perfect for kayaking. After which, you can enjoy a relaxing hot bath in a huge kawa where one can experience the feeling of "being cooked" with real fire underneath. Join my adventure here.

9. Chasing the Waterfalls of Biliran

Biliran boasts to have a number of magnificent and jaw-dropping waterfalls. Short treks and crossing river streams are needed to reach the waterfalls with strong water flowing from the mountain top nestled on lush tropical forest. Truly an adventure that shouldn't be missed! Join my adventure here.

10. Zip lining over Agas-agas Bridge in Sogod Southern Leyte

The Agas-Agas Adventure Park is one of the major tourism attractions being developed in Southern Leyte. Zip Southern Leyte as its major attraction, is the first dual zip line in Eastern Visayas region. Located at the tallest bridge in the Philippines, Agas-Agas Bridge provides a thrilling experience for brave souls wanting some heart pounding zip lining adventure. Join our adventure here.

These are just some of the many adventurous activities in the Visayas. There are still a lot of zip lines to ride, mountain peaks to conquer, waterfalls to chase, beaches to enjoy and islands to explore! Let's go and experience the Visayas!

"It's always a great experience to try some extreme activities once in your lifetime, because you might never know what the experience brings unless you try it!"

This is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for September 2012 with the theme "The Visayas Roundup" hosted by Ding Fuellos of The Pinoy Explorer.

How about you? What are you recommended adventurous activities in the Visayas?


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  1. Nice one!!!
    Good job sexy blogger!

  2. wow!!
    I love your adventures!
    We have a lot in common, except the Mountain Climbing, which hopefully I'm gonna include in my list soon. ;)

  3. dame pede gawin at ang sasaya pa sana magawa ko din yan somedy

  4. #8 anong ingredients?
    ang tanong: kung lutong ulam ka, ano ka?

    keep on travelling n' posting sir mervs! mabuhay

  5. #8.. ang tanong ser.
    kung ulam/pagkain ka,ano klase?hehe

    keep on travelling and posting sir mervs! mabuhay k

  6. i should try #8: River Kayaking and Kawa Hot Bath in Tibiao Antique! haha! :)

  7. 1 out of 10 pa lang ako sa list mo. Sana magawa ko lahat! :D

  8. i feel sad that i was only able to do three out of ten! i should go back to Visayas more often!

  9. u did a great job promoting our very own. sana others wud do the same instead of goin outside pinas! i really appreciate ur effort of posting all these in ur site...very informative and useful for travellers....i SALUTE u man! keep up!

  10. Great suggestions Mervz! Among others, di ko pa nagagawa yung lutuin sa kawa. Sana magawa ko soon hehe

  11. Good job on the Visayas Round Up, Mervs! :) Parehas kami ni Cris, 1 out of 10 din ako.. #1 on your list to be exact. :P Grabe.. alam mo kung ano yung pinakagusto kong puntahan sa list mo, yung #5, 8, 9, 10... Nakapunta na din pala ako ng Aklan several times pero never ko pa na-try magZorb.. mahihiluhin kasi ako.. baka malunod lang ako sa sarili kong vomit afterwards, haha!

  12. Awesome variety of activities you had listed here Mervs. I'm sure to try some that I haven't done yet. Thanks for the list!

  13. Awesome suggestions Mervs! It got variety. :) I'll surely try some that I haven't done yet. Thanks for this list.

  14. wow daming adventures! love and curious about the Kawa Hot bath in Tibiao Antique!"lull into carnal security" haha

  15. Sarap ng higa mo sa malaking kawa mervz. Yan ang the best!


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