3 Mindful Vacation Activities to Engage in that Will Promote Inner Calmness

3 Mindful Vacation Activities to Engage in that Will Promote Inner Calmness

You might be surprised to learn that most Americans feel that they put too much pressure on themselves when they take a vacation. In fact, 2 out of every 10 travelers feel that they need a vacation from their vacation once they return home.

This is usually the result of planning too much while on vacation. And really, this is defeating the purpose of taking a vacation in the first place.

You take a vacation to relax, not to cram in every possible activity that’s going to leave you feeling spent and agitated. So, for those who want to truly relax while out on vacation, taking a mindful approach will be much more enjoyable.

Here, we’ll explore a few mindful activities that will enhance your overall sense of calm, and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized when you finally decide to return home.

Go Fishing

Most people might not correlate fishing to a mindful experience, but this is exactly what it is. Fishing not only brings you out into the natural world, it has a way of calming the mind that can be verified through scientific studies.

Being around moving water has the ability to enhance focus and calm the mind. This is due to negatively charged ions that are released by moving water. These negatively charged particles are known to settle brain activity, and to increase both focus and concentration.

Some fishing methods also enhance the overall pacifying sensation that going fishing will create. Fly fishing is known to require great focus and concentration, as well as ice fishing.

So, tie up some flies or find yourself a hole in the ice and bring along some ice fishing tackle. You’ll not only experience a sense of solitude, you’ll become attuned with your mind and body.

Walk the Shoreline

Whether you’re on the coast or at the shore of a lake, any large body of water will suffice. Walking meditations are becoming a popular method for learning the art of meditation in today’s world.

Some people have difficulty sitting for extended periods of time, as well as attempting to quiet the mind even in a quiet room all alone. Walking the shoreline will not only get you out into the natural world, but you’ll also notice how calm you’ll feel as you gracefully walk along dipping your feet in the shore’s gently lapping waters.

Here is where you can quiet the mind, and simply focus on the sounds of the water as it meets the shore. Or, attune your senses to the sounds of the natural world as you walk. Once you’re able to let go and simply walk in rhythm with creation, you’ll begin to feel much more at peace.


Sure, you can journal anytime, any place. But, when you’re on vacation, keeping a journal of your activities has a way of creating a calming effect as you recount the events of the day and the lessons that you learned.

Often we don’t fully realize the amount of information that we take in and digest on a daily basis. As such, much of this information goes unnoticed. When you journal, you flex the muscles of memory, and you’re practicing the art of articulating thoughts.

Studies have shown that daily journaling can instill a sense of peace and reduce stress. This is largely due to reevaluating and confronting situations and memories that are right on the surface. Conveying your thoughts about a certain experience allows you to become better acquainted with yourself and with your feelings surrounding specific events.

In order to be truly mindful, you have to develop awareness. This awareness is only realized when you engage in mindful practices. Whether you’re simply taking a walk or washing the dishes, practice being aware of each action that you take, and take note of the sensations that surround your body. This is truly the first step to mindful living.


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