Let's Travel Again Soon and Explore the Philippines with a Purpose!

My dream travel destination after covid-19 pandemic

Ten years ago, I dreamt of exploring the whole Philippines. My goal then is to visit all of the 81 provinces of our country and share my travels and experiences to everyone as I explore each province of the Philippines and cross it off my bucket list. It was never an easy. I know, at the back of my mind that it might take me awhile and might cost me tons of money to achieve what I want. But I've always known it would be a fulfilling journey. I've always known it was what I wanted to do. And for as long as I have the time and energy to do so, I'll live my life to the fullest doing what I love. After all, we don’t know what tomorrow might bring.

My dream travel destination after covid-19 pandemic
Ramadhan 2013 in Jolo, Sulu

And so finally in 2013, my dream of visiting all the 81 provinces of the Philippines became a reality. I felt so happy and proud of myself. I hope that through my journey, I have inspired more people to visit and discover how beautiful our country is.

Beaches in Ticao Island Masbate
Enjoying the beaches of Ticao Island in Masbate

But honestly, there are still so many places in the Philippines that up to this day I've been wanting to visit. And with what's happening now around the world, I know that my travel plans would have to wait.

As we have to embrace the "new normal," traveling will be a lot different than before. But that should not stop us from exploring and reaching for our dream destinations. Little challenges and breaks should not impede our journey totally, hence they should be the catapult for the new ones to make way.

Exploring Breathtaking Batanes

My Post-Pandemic Dream Travel Destinations

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to visit the northern part of Cebu. I’ve been to Bantayan Island once, but I haven’t really explored most of the northern parts of the huge Cebu Province. When the time comes that we’ll be able to travel again, I want to go on a road trip starting from Cebu City and go on an all out adventure all the way to Daanbantayan while exploring the towns and cities along the way. Going back, I want to take the western part of the island and experience what it has to offer - its rich culture, wonderful history and natural resources that really speak so much of the place. It is definitely one of my dream travel destinations that I will definitely pay a visit, soon. It’s also a good chance for me to unearth hidden gems in smaller places and hidden locations and meet new friends, which can be very exciting.

This route is one of the best places to go for a road trip on a budget in this age of "new normal" travel with high regards to social distancing. Enjoying the islands, idyllic beaches, lovely resorts and hotels in Cebu, amazing waterfalls, and feeling the warmth and hospitality of the locals are just some of the things that make me miss traveling the most. It will surely be an unforgettable and unique travel experience that I will relive over and over again.

But that's just one of the places I want to visit first after this pandemic. There are still so much more on my "dream travel destinations" list. I also want to travel again to Palawan and visit the beautiful beaches of Balabac, go on a thrilling adventure to the Babuyan Group of Islands, and explore the picturesque islands and lagoons of Bucas Grande Group of Islands in Surigao del Norte. Indeed, the Philippines is blessed with so much beauty and I want to travel to these places soon!

Capul Northern Samar
Capul Lighthouse in Capul, Northern Samar

What does travel mean to me?

For many years of my travels, I’ve long believed in the unique ability of travel to break down barriers, to bring people together and a great way to help the community. Traveling has also taught me so much about the lives of other people and let me hear other people's stories from different backgrounds. Getting to know their personal struggles, aspirations, and how they live their everyday lives is such an eyeopener for me. I always remember the goodness of many people I meet on my travels - like the tour guides, the boatmen, and owners of small lodges and pension houses in many little islands in our country that I've been to in my previous travels. They treated me as a family and it definitely had so much impact to who I am today. I am forever grateful.

Things to do in Zamboanga City
Exploring Rio Hondo in Zamboanga City

Tourism is a huge economic driver that helps many people and has long been helping many of our countrymen who live day-to-day and earn a living from tourists who visit their places. Whenever I encounter them, I always make sure that in my own little way, I could be of help, even by just writing about their place. If there would be more tourists visiting their place, tour guides will have jobs, the souvenir sellers will earn, and the accommodations will flourish and continue to operate.

Zamboanga City Tourist Spots
Riding the colorful vinta of Zamboanga City

With the onset of the pandemic, to say life has changed dramatically is an understatement. During the lockdown, flights were cancelled, tourist destinations were closed down and many hotels stopped their operation because of the precautionary measures set by the government to prevent the spread of the virus. For many of them, tourism is their life and source of livelihood. Sadly, as we battle with this pandemic, many have lost their jobs due to the lack of tourists visiting the many tourist destinations in our country. I am mostly concerned especially to the tour guides, the small hotels and homestays, the souvenir sellers, the drivers and boatmen; who many of them are dependent on tourism to be able to feed themselves and their families. At these trying times, let us not forget them - because they badly need our help.

This pandemic has the potential to change the way we treat each other, and definitely how we live our lives. With the tourism industry being one of the worst hit among the many sectors of our society, this pandemic should teach us the importance of helping each other and how to be a source of strength for others. I am hopeful and optimistic that one day we will all get through with it, and proudly say "we made it through!"

Let's Travel Again Soon and Explore the Philippines with a Purpose!

Let's travel with a purpose!

Now, my dream travel destination is not just about visiting or exploring a place. My dream is to travel to a place with a purpose. Not just to go sightseeing, take photos, and to write a story about it. My goal now is to be able to help the community in my own little way. This is the best time to extend our hand and be of help to others. By availing their services, buying their products, eating at the local restaurants or eateries and staying in their hotels, it will definitely help the local tourism industry bounce back. I encourage you to do the same. No one will help us get through with this but our fellow Filipinos helping each other.

Bud Bongao Tawi tawi
Climbing Bud Bongao in Tawi-tawi

The world right now is filled with so many daunting news and uncertainties. All we can do for now is to hope and pray that one day, all of this will be over and we will be able to travel again. Though this pandemic will forever change the way we travel, it might even be a way to introduce new ways to travel, or make way to conventional ones. We will never know the impact this might cause since our times are constantly changing and change has always been the most constant.

For our future travels, let’s not just travel for the sake of experiencing a place. We should now ask ourselves "What is the purpose of our travels and how can we be of help to the community?"

As Mark Zuckerberg once said, "It's not enough to have purpose yourself. You have to create a sense of purpose for others." Let's travel again soon and explore the Philippines with a purpose!

I'm writing this while on home quarantine. For now, I'll just spend my time planning for future trips and looking for hotels near me where I could spend a memorable staycation as soon as leisure travel is allowed.

Always stay safe and healthy everyone!

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