Mesmerize your travel when you visit Jerusalem with Jerusalem Tours

Mesmerize your travel when you visit Jerusalem with Jerusalem Tours

A visit to the famous city of Jerusalem is said to be the most sacred pilgrimage site in the world. There is no other place on earth like Jerusalem. It is a city filled with traditions and history along with increasing modern culture and the rich heritage. Jerusalem is the home to multiple important holy sites. Even though Jerusalem is lesser in area, it has many tourist spots, including the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The ancient streets of Jerusalem will leave you mesmerized. There is no place as special as Jerusalem.

Some Major Tourist Attractions in Jerusalem:

Church of All Nations: This is one of the most important historical sites. It is located on the famous Mount of Olives. The Church of All Nations is famous as it is said that Jesus had prayed on a bedrock there before getting arrested.

Mount of Olives: Located outside the Old City, the Mount of Olives gives an incredible view of the Temple Mount and the Dome of Rock. It is a scenic and historical site as it has a large cemetery and several churches, like the Russian Orthodox Church.

Dome of the Rock: The dome of the rock is recognized all around the world and is one of the most famous landmarks in Jerusalem. It sparkles brightly under the sun and is a symbolic place for Muslims all over the world.

Temple Mount: This attraction lies at the center of the Old City. It contains the Al Aqsa Mosque, which is the third most important site in Jerusalem and is the holiest in Judaism. From here, you can have an amazing look at the iconic golden dome, glittering in the bright sun.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher: It is believed that this is where Jesus was crucified and rose from his death. It is the most sacred site for Christians. It is always packed with pilgrims and lots of tourists and still manages to be a very peaceful place to go to.

Western Wall: The holiest place in Judaism, orthodox Jews are praying at the western wall. It has a magical intoxicating atmosphere, and one must not miss this experience on their visit to Jerusalem.

Garden Tomb: Many tourists love to visit this peaceful garden away from the busy streets of the Old City. Many believe that Jesus was buried here though it is still a matter of debate. It has a rock-cut tomb that dates back to the 8th century BC.

Jerusalem Tours:

1-day tour: The Jerusalem tours can start with a pick up from the hotel and on to the Mount of Olives to get a breathtaking view of Jerusalem. From Mount of Olives, you can later come across multiple ancient monuments and reach the famous Old City of Jerusalem. You can check out the Temple Mount, the home to the beautiful Dome of the Rock. You can check out the market in the Old City and the museum, and The Davidson Centre, an archaeological park.

Jerusalem Classical Private Tour: An exclusive tour of Jerusalem, you will be visiting several holy and significant places and starting with the famous Mount of Olives followed by the Church of Agony. You’ll visit the Old City and make a stop at the Western Wall and experience the warmth and the peaceful atmosphere there. You will also have plenty of time to visit the markets on this private tour and do some shopping for yourself. You’ll visit the Church of Holy Sepulcher and King David’s tomb as well as the room where the famous last supper took place. You can finish this tour by making a stop at the Garden Tomb. This will be a 10-hour tour guide by a professional and licensed tour guide. You will have a private air-conditioned car with pick up and drop services. You have an option of personalizing the tour, and our experts will help you come up with the perfect trip.

Along with this, we have many other tours available for one day or even two days that will help you cover the gems that are in the city.


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