How to Plan Your Travel in the Pandemic World

How to Plan Your Travel in the Pandemic World

The world has yet to get the pandemic under control but life goes on and people still need to travel for various reasons. Obviously, if you are in the risk group and haven’t been immunized yet, it is highly advisable to postpone, regardless of the purpose of traveling. In case you already got vaccinated, remember that, for any vaccine to have the chance to confer maximum immunity, a specific time interval has to pass after the last shot. Below, we offer some tips for those who already made up their mind.

A Few Considerations When Planning Your Travel

This pandemic has always been a number’s game. Its cyclic manifestation, fueled by the exponential spread of the virus on one hand and countered by the restrictive measures, on the other hand, is keeping every nation tense, even those few countries that managed to vaccinate a good proportion of their population. Consequently, whenever planning to travel, one of the first things you should consider is WHEN do this.

A high infection rate or the spread of concerning variants at home means you might be banned from entering the destination country or there might be additional requirements and restrictions when entering it. Also, traveling to a country that is under lockdown might make little sense depending on your purposes. Note that the epidemiological situation in the destination country might worsen after you enter it, leaving you trapped and unable to return home, which might result in an absence from work, additional expenses abroad, etc.

How to Plan Your Travel in the Pandemic World?

Therefore, the number one advice is to always keep track of the number of infections and to make flexible plans that aren’t too painful to cancel or postpone. The following rules might apply:
  • don’t book tickets or hotels more than a couple of weeks in advance because it is virtually impossible to predict how the situation will evolve by then
  • purchase one-way tickets instead of return tickets if the returning date is months ahead
  • opt for public transport by land given that last-minute tickets often don’t suffer from such spikes in price as seen for airline tickets
  • travel by car, since no booking in advance is required
  • address all the urgent issues at work and at home before departing

Another important recommendation is to have your documents in order. Obviously, the pandemic imposes additional requirements in terms of documents and some of these might even require translation. For instance, in many countries, vaccination certificates are only issued in the local language and might need to be translated to be recognized abroad. Depending on the purpose, you might look for the best human translation service to help you with this or perform the translation through the embassy of the country you plan to visit. In certain cases, it might be necessary to translate the results of Covid-19 testing.

Speaking of testing, ensure that you get your PCR results right before your departure since they take some time to produce and countries have a validity period for these tests. At the same time, never attempt to pass the border unless you have received the results and are ready to present them to the border authorities.

How to Plan Your Travel in the Pandemic World

Final Thoughts

It might be a while before we go back to the world we are used to, but until then, it is best to be cautious and patient. This obviously refers not only to how we travel during quarantine but also to how we behave in the destination country. The good news is that the system as a whole adapts to the situation and at least, there is more clarity regarding the procedures that need to be followed and the things one needs to pay attention to.


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