5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Bohol

BOHOL TOURIST SPOTS 5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Bohol

If you are looking for a getaway to a place that will help you recharge your batteries, then Bohol is an excellent option. Bohol is one of the many islands that makes up the beautiful country of the Philippines and is among the world’s most popular travel destinations.

The island of Bohol is famous for several things, including its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, stunning buildings, and amazing people. It doesn’t matter how many days you spend on this beautiful island; once you experience its beauty, you wouldn’t want to leave the island. The ferry from Cebu City to Bohol takes only 2 hours, making it a short journey if you already in Cebu.

In this article, I have mentioned some of the main reasons that will convince you to pay Bohol a visit. Let’s take a look:

The Chocolate Hills

The main attraction of Bohol and the one for which it is famous is the chocolate hills. The name chocolate hills come from the shape of the hills and its chocolate brown color. During Summers, the color of the hills transitions from green to brown when the grass starts to disappear.

All the hills are of similar shape, and even though all of them have different symmetry, they all look similar and appear to be a natural wonder from a distance.

White Sand Beaches

Bohol is also famous for its beautiful white beaches, and if you are visiting the Philippines, you cannot afford to miss what this beautiful island has to offer.

Most tourists go to Boracay to see the gorgeous white-sand beaches, but that doesn’t mean that Bohol doesn’t have to offer any of those. The Panglao island of Bohol has become a favorite spot in the country for its beautiful white-sand beaches. You can visit these beaches and can spend an entire day absorbing the sun and enjoying the beautiful view with cocktails.

The Tarsiers

Another great thing about Bohol is its beautiful creatures. One of the animals that you will find everywhere in Bohol is The Traiser. These tiny little creatures with huge big eyes are adorable, and you will definitely want to pet them when you see them.

These tiny animals come out mostly at night time and sleep for the better part of the day. An interesting fact about tarsiers is that they are emotionally sensitive and can be stressed out easily. When they get overwhelmed by the tourists, they can kill themselves by banding their heads into rocks. That is why tourists are advised to stay quiet around them.

Excellent Cuisine

You can also enjoy organic and delicious native food at traditional Bohol restaurants and experience a taste that you will never forget. The best part about the menu is that you get to enjoy organic foods, which makes your meals more exciting.

If you really want to get the real taste of Bohol’s cuisine, then you should visit the island during the July festival. During the festival, you will have the chance to enjoy some of the best Filipino dishes, from seafood to chicken BBQ.

Amazing Views

Another great reason to visit Bohol is that it offers you some of the best scenery the Philippines has to offer. It is a great island for a getaway, and the fresh air and amazing natural sights will recharge your batteries.

You can enjoy some amazing views at Tarsier Paprika while feasting on a fancy Bohol mean, and you can also see the sunrise at the Amorita Beach Resort. If you want to freshen your mind away from all the noise of the city, then it is an ideal place for you.


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