The Ultimate Check-list for Road Tripping to Dubai

The Ultimate Check-list for Road Tripping to Dubai Travel Guide Blog Itinerary

Nothing seems more tempting than the prospect of being able to get out in a post-pandemic world. However, with so many restrictions around travelling can be stress-inducing on its own, leave aside the added concerns of an essential that you simply forget to carry.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or you’re planning an extended route that takes you across the country, we’ve got you covered with our list of items starting from your car registration and insurance in UAE to cosy pyjamas and everything in between to keep you comfortably tucked in your car’s seat. Our list of items will keep you safe, comfortable, and quite entertained when you’re on the roads jamming to your favourite playlist. So, here’s a check-list that you absolutely can’t do without on your next road trip:

For Your Car:

1. Stepney:

When the weather gets too hot in the UAE, flat tyre is quite a possibility. Apart from pointed objects, heated roads can also cause a puncture that’ll need replacement. Oh! Just having a spare tyre wont do, you must also learn to change it before starting out.

2. Map:

You can have an access to interactive maps from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) that keep you updated with the routes as well as COVID19 regulations in each country.

3. Registration Certificate:

Don’t embark on a journey without having all the documents in place starting from your RC (Registration Certificate), driving license etc.

4. Car Insurance:

First and foremost, make sure your car insurance is up to date. Make sure to check for limitations to your coverage and update your car insurance in Dubai before you head out to make the best of it. Always keep in mind that having car insurance in the UAE is an important element of a safe road trip. The best thing about car insurance price in UAE is that there is a variety of packages to cater to the needs of every pocket.  

5. Mobile phone and Charger:

If you’re someone who can’t change a flat tyre then you’ll definitely need a working phone to be able to call for help.

6. Phone Mount:

Make your life easier with a phone mount because you’ll have to constantly look at your phone for navigation, music, etc. 

7. Super Cushy Cushions/Pillows:

A cushion will come in handy if you want to get a quick nap when your driving shift changes. 

8. Sun shield:

Trendy, windshield that reflects light comes is the most useful thing to have at the stretch of your hand when the middle east Sun is overhead. 

For Yourself:

1. Sanitizer:

This one’s a must, but we’ll repeat it for the sake of it. Need we say that it kills germs that you’ll be unconsciously picking up from touching various surfaces. Let’s not forget that it’s a post-pandemic world we’re in and all the precautions must be adhered to at all times

2. Water Bottles:

It’s important to keep yourself hydrated when you’re driving. However, you must increase your water intake only before your next stop. Your co-riders/drivers will thank you later. 

3. Mask Set:

Because having access to a fresh, clean set of masks is important when you hit the roads. It’ll not only keep you safe but will make your skin feel a lot better. 

4. Disinfectant Wipes:

Keep your car germ-free by running these wipes over steering and other surfaces that collect dirt, dust, and bacteria. You can use these wipes periodically to keep your car safe and clean.

5. Goggles:

Keep your most precious assets well protected with a pair of snazzy sunglasses. Constantly driving and staring at the road in sunlight can be exhausting. That is why sunglasses are a must when you’re out driving long distances.   

6. Snack Packs:

Carry a big box of all your favourite snacks because COVID 19 is still dictating the way we conduct ourselves. Making fewer stops should be a traveller's priority and looking for food must not become a concern.

7. Card Games:

Carry a pack to shoo away the boredom that’s likely to hit you after a few hours of driving. 

8. Miniature Necessities:

Get a pouch and fill it with band-aids, lotions, mini soaps, lens cleaner, and everything else you might need on the road.

9. Travel bag:

Have all your necessities organized in a travel bag so that you get easy access to everything when you’re away from home.

10. Baggy Pants:

Travelling long distances in the confinement of a car does require comfy clothing. You can slip into a pair of pyjamas or lose-fit-pants to stay at ease while you're driving. 


Now that you have a low-down on all that you might need on your road trip to Dubai, we hope you’ll pack safely and have a gala time on your self-drive getaway with your pals.


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