7 Places in Dubai to Drop Everything for and Visit Right Now

7 Places in Dubai to Drop Everything for and Visit Right Now

There is a reason why Dubai is the world’s 8th most visited city. The exceptionally interesting attractions, shopping destinations, leisure amenities and unparalleled luxury is what defines Dubai. The whole city is no less than a carnival in its peak months that go on almost the whole year.

Dubai has so much to offer, that you just can’t stay away from it. We know you already have the city in your bucket list but we give you 7 top places in Dubai that will force you to move the city to the highest position in your travel destination list. These magnificent attractions will ensure your next holiday is in Dubai and nowhere else.

7 Places in Dubai to Drop Everything for and Visit Right Now

1. Bastakiya Quarter

A true traveler never treats his trip complete unless he gets under the skin of the destination and experiences the true colors and culture of the place. In the modern Dubai with skyscrapers as its roof, Bastakiya Quarter offers the much needed introduction from the older, simpler and humble Dubai. While we admire all the technical and engineering benchmarks of the modern Dubai, Bastakiya quarters sits proud speaking volumes of the once Bedouin village and its simplistic lifestyle.

Why Go there:

• The wind towers that are a testament to the high level of intelligence and technical brilliance of the people of that era. These wind towers were used by the villagers to beat the desert summer heat.
• Intricately carved wooden houses with beautifully engraved doors and windows.
• It also houses many souvenir shops, boutique hotels, cafes to let you relax and soak in the timeless charm of Dubai.

7 Places in Dubai to Drop Everything for and Visit Right Now

2. Palm islands

Dubai’s one of the most visionary projects, Palm islands is a set of 3 planned man made islands that are iconic to the development of Dubai. Out of the three- Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Diera; Palm Jumeirah is completed and opened for public. The size of the island is so huge that the is visible even from space. The Palm Jumeirah is in a shape of a palm tree with a crescent on the top.

Why go there:

• It is the world’s largest man-made island but the smallest of the three planned islands of Dubai. Once all the islands that completed, the Dubai shoreline will be extended by 520 kilometers in total.
• Often referred to as the 8th wonder of the world, the residences on the island has addresses of some of the biggest names in the world.
• It connected through a monorail with the other part of the city. The island has used over 32 million cubic meters of sand, that too from the ocean floor to make use maximum natural resources.

7 Places in Dubai to Drop Everything for and Visit Right Now

3. Dubai Creek

Dubai creek has a special connection with the past and present of Dubai. The creek was the reason for Dubai’s rise as the trading port. Today, Dubai creek still cuts through the heart of the city and divides it into Bur Dubai and Diera. Dubai creek is the only way you can enjoy the traditional ‘Abra Rides’. The Abra or the water taxis are an integral part of Dubai’s history and till today remains as the cheapest way of transport.

One modern attraction that makes Dubai creek an irresistible experience is the Dhow cruise. Book it through raynatours.com and enjoy a two-hour cruise that allows you to best admire the glittering skyline of Dubai. Dhow cruise with Rayna helps you relax and enjoy a sumptuous buffet of an array of international cuisine. Dance, music and many other refreshments keeps the guests entertained and rejuvenates them.

7 Places in Dubai to Drop Everything for and Visit Right Now

4. Burj Khalifa

The tallest man made structure in the world beckons you to see the most famous attraction in the city- The Burj Khalifa. One of the best places to see in Dubai, Burj Khalifa boasts of the highest number of stories in the world and it also owns the highest occupied floor on the planet. Its 144th floor observation deck offers a view of a lifetime that should definitely be witnessed at least once.

Why go there:

• It is the tallest standing structure world and one of the most beautiful architectures in the world.
• At.mosphere the world’s highest lounge bar is located at the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa boasting of stunning views of the Dubai skyline and the Arabian gulf. Get your • Its top floors boast of the most premium residences in the world. The other floors are occupied by various offices and hotel.

7 Places in Dubai to Drop Everything for and Visit Right Now

5. Dubai Fountain

The Dubai fountain is the largest themed water fountain in the world. It is situated on the 30 acre man-made Burj Khalifa lake. It 900 ft. (275 meters) long, has five circles of varying sizes and two central arcs. It performs everyday on the most timeless classic tunes – a repertoire of over 35 songs of the world and can be seen from over 20 miles away.

Why go there:

• It sprays water to a height of 450 meters, equivalent to a height of a 45 storey building.
• The bright light projected upwards is even visible from space, thus making it the brightest spot in the Middle East.
• It is illuminated with over 6600 WET lights- the super advanced incandescent fountain lights and 25 color projectors.

6. Dubai Desert Safari

The desert safari tour in Dubai is one of the best safari excursions in the world. The safari excursions of Dubai are a mark of exceptional hospitality, enjoyment and entertainment for the guests. Offering a true Arabian desert experience, the sand dunes of Dubai are one of the best in the world.

Why go there:

• The desert safari includes dune bashing, quad biking, sunset & sunrise photography and desert camping too.
• Offering a true Arabian night experience, Dubai offers overnight desert safari experience with song, dance, music, food and overnight camping experience too.
• The Dubai desert safari offers various options like Morning, Evening, and overnight desert safari.

7 Places in Dubai to Drop Everything for and Visit Right Now

7. Dubai Shopping Festival

The maximum applications for Dubai tourist visa online comes during the Dubai shopping festival that happens in the month of January and goes on till February. The festival is a benchmark for the world. You get the eye- popping discounts on almost every international brand. The whole city is soaked in a carnival like theme and millions of tourist from all over the world come to see the glitz and grandeur of Dubai during this time. Dubai is at its best during the Dubai Shopping festival.

Why go there:

• Dubai Shopping Festival attracts over millions of visitors to Dubai every year. The cost of organizing the festival goes in billions.
• The raffles organized at DSF has a fleet of luxury cars as the prizes plus Dhs 100,000 cash.
• Diamond solitaire rings and up to 1kg of gold is offered as prize giveaways. You can buy gold

Almost everything in Dubai strikes a chord with you because almost the entire Dubai is build and aimed for tourists. The main livelihood and income of the largest emirate of UAE is based on tourism and that is why everyone and everything in Dubai attracts tourists from all over the world.

This was written by one of our contributing writers.
Photo Credits: Imre Solt | www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Palm_Jumeirah_on_19_January_2008.jpg | Wikipedia Commons. Other photos were sent by the writer.


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