We Will Fly Again Soon: Where do I Plan to Travel after this Pandemic?

Best travel destinations in the Philippines after COVID-19 Pandemic

One of the best travel experiences that I’ve had were my travels to Palawan. It captured my heart and left me in awe as I saw a glimpse of what heaven would look like if it was here on earth. Vividly colored with so many memories and different hues, it is definitely another place to go back to once this pandemic is over. I’m currently planning out adventure trips in the near future, hopefully by end of the year or by early next year.

I’m planning an ultimate Palawan adventure, to discover more islands and places I haven’t been to and go back to the places I visited in the past to relive and recreate wonderful memories.

Palawan is known to be the “last frontier of the Philippines,” and home of the Puerto Princesa Underground River which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites here in the Philippines. It’s a paradise waiting to be discovered and should always be kept protected so that it may preserve its wonderful views, and that our children in the future might be able to witness its beauty - and even more.

Here are the places in Palawan I want to visit or re-visit on my future travels.

El Nido, Palawan Travel Guide Blog and Itinerary Island Hopping in El Nido, Palawan

El Nido, Palawan

El Nido features the most scenic views of lagoons, beaches and islands that are distinct and unusual. That’s why tourists around the world flock together to visit this wonderful place. It’s best to enjoy El Nido by island hopping and underwater snorkeling to appreciate the rich and live marine life beyond the its pristine waters.

You can visit Shimizu Island where amazing rock formations can be found while exhibiting the world’s best views! A mirror to the clear sky, its waters are found to be mostly in the shade of blue because it reflects the color of the sky. You can even see fishes swimming around without any apparatus.

There’s also what they call Big lagoon and Small lagoon where most of the picturesque views from IG and FB are captured. Perfect for rafting and boating, the lagoons are what many call as “paradise.”

You can also visit the Snake Island, but don’t worry because it is named after its snake-like shape. It’s perfectly safe to visit. You can just walk around the area because of the low levels of water or if you’re up for more adventures, you can take a short hike up the hills of the island and witness a 360-view of the area.

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Puerto Princesa, Palawan Travel Guide Blog and Itinerary
Puerto Princesa Underground River

Puerto Princesa City

Besides El Nido, also famous in Palawan is the Puerto Princesa which is its city center. You can see the Subterranean River National Park which attracts so many visitors. The city and its surroundings hold so much activities to do and fun things to discover while quirking up your travels. You can visit Honda bay where you will enjoy island hopping and thrilling adventures such as snorkeling and free-diving. You can also visit Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre where they keep hundreds of our local faunas. Night life is also active around the area so if you want to chill with friends or with locals, you may enjoy a nice dance over the beach.

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Kayangan Lake in Coron, Palawan

Coron, Palawan

For underwater adventurers or those who seek thrill diving underwater to witness marvelous views and even get to see shipwrecks from the 1940s of Japanese ships, you can head over to Coron. You can take a kayak tour around the mangroves or engage in a beach volleyball match with other tourists. This island is one of the most visited in Palawan so expect more tourists in the area and more physical activities involved. But of course, there will still be island adventures that will further quench your thirst for an ultimate outdoor experience.

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I’m planning as early as now because I’m excited for what this year may bring to me and my dreams of traveling. Also, it’s the best time to book flights since many airlines released promos for travel around the Philippines and around the world as early as December until next year. You can still save up for your future travels and guarantee that your stay will be the best experience you could ever have.

Make sure to travel light and support locals by patronizing homestays and availing the services of the local tour guides. You can do budget travels and get to know the rich history and culture each place holds as you unravel more and more when you visit their attractions. Be a mindful traveler and a responsible one! This is also the best time promote our own country and promote our local business owners! Plan your travel wisely and save up until there’s so much time.

Best travel destinations in the Philippines after COVID-19 Pandemic

Is it Safe to Travel?

I know many of us are still unsure when traveling will be back to normal. I am also anxious but I am happy to know that airlines such as Cebu Pacific Air are implementing many safety measures to assure us of our safety before and during the flight.

Cebu Pacific assures every Juan with an essential or immediate need to travel that the airline is more ready than ever to accompany them on a safe journey to destinations they need to be. It is quite re-assuring that Cebu Pacific adheres to air travel guidelines issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization, as well as local and international health authorities, including the World Health Organization.

Best travel destinations in the Philippines after COVID-19 Pandemic

Here are some of the safety measures implemented by Cebu Pacific:

  • Cebu Pacific staff is required to wear PPEs (Personal Protection Equipment), both for their own safety and for the safety of all passengers.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of self-check-in kiosks, bag drop counters, shuttle buses.
  • Alcohol-based sanitizers are also available at the passenger area for guest and staff use.
  • Pilots and cabin crew members undergo rapid antibody testing to ensure that they are healthy and in top condition before boarding their flights.
  • When boarding, passengers are required to hold their boarding passes with the barcode facing the airline staff, for touch-less scanning. 
  • For the duration of the flight, wearing of face mask for all passengers and flight crew is mandatory.
  • Social distancing inflight is implemented; middle seats is kept vacant as much as possible. But family members flying together can seat together. Changing of seat assignments is prohibited for easy contact tracing.
  • Self-stowing of baggage is practiced.
  • All lavatories are sanitized every 30 minutes during the flight and self-disposal of trash and waste at the end of the flight.
  • Cebu Pacific’s fleet of Airbus jets are equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor (HEPA) filters to block microscopic bacteria and virus clusters, including the Novel Corona Virus, with 99.9% efficiency.
  • Thorough daily disinfection of all aircraft which follows procedures approved by the Bureau of Quarantine and World Health Organization will also be implemented.

To learn more on how Cebu Pacific is assuring the health and safety of its passengers, you may visit http://bit.ly/CEBSafeTravel.

Best travel destinations in the Philippines after COVID-19 Pandemic

Indeed, traveling is still very possible. Just always remember to practice social distancing, wear a face mask, practice proper and frequent hand washing or disinfecting your hands with alcohol, and always follow and cooperate with rules and regulations set by the authorities and the airlines. Soon, we will all fly again and enjoy traveling!


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  1. Once the restrictions have been lifted, I will definitely go back to El Nido, Palawan. I was there in December 2019 and I agree with you, it has the most scenic view of beaches, islets and islands...
    Thank you for being so positive, Mervz. We will all travel again, soon.


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