Best Things to Do and Tourist Spots to Visit in Cebu, Philippines

Things to do and tourist spots in Cebu

Looking for top things to do and tourist spots in Cebu, Philippines? Check out this awesome list to help you plan your trip.

Cebu is among the most popular and the best tourist destinations in the Philippines. It offers diverse and unique attractions. Apart from its famous city landmarks and amusements, it has a huge number of tourist spots to visit, outdoor activities, and verdant sightseeing in the countryside. Here are some of the reasons why it is regarded as one of the most sought-after places to visit in the Philippines.

Best Things to Do and Tourist Spots to Visit in Cebu, Philippines

If you're a first-timer and planning to visit soon, then perhaps you need some recommendations. Allow me to introduce you to the most beautiful destinations and the things you have to do as you stay, which may eventually turn into an unforgettable experience.

Things to do and tourist spots in Cebu

Walk Around Historical landmarks

If you are fond of historical sites, Cebu has several landmarks to exhibit. The following are all situated in the capital city of Cebu such as Magellan’s Cross, Colon Street, Carbon Market, Heritage of Cebu Monument, and Fort San Pedro that are all just in walkable distance to each other.

THINGS TO DO IN CEBU Tourist Spots Attractions and Things To Do and Experience

Food trip

During your stay, you might want to try the best foods available based on your preference or something new for you. Several kinds of specialties are available and unique everywhere in the province. A must-try food delicacy is also very famous for its yummy taste, Lechon de Cebu. Although it is quite common in some parts of the Philippines, many people would agree that Cebu has one of the best and most delicious versions of all.


Sirao Garden

It is known as the little Amsterdam of Cebu. It lies within the mountainous barangay of Cebu. A major proportion of the farm is mostly filled with brightly colored Celosia flowers. If you enjoy taking lots of photos and love to experience the wonders of nature high up the mountain, a great place to visit is Sirao Flower Garden. The environment is pretty colorful and magnificent with its ornamental view. Besides, you would experience the blowy fresh air from the mountains nearby.

THINGS TO DO IN SOUTH CEBU Tourist Spots Attractions and Things To Do and Experience

Trekking up the hills or mountains

You can start your day trip from the buzzing sound of the city to the nearby hills and mountains. If you love to feel relaxed while doing some exercise and at the same time feel the brisk air, then you would probably like to trek. One of the best things about this outdoor activity in Cebu is that there's no need to travel for long hours as some of which are within reach. The following are among the best destinations to trek: Casino Peak, Osmena Peak, Mount Naupa, and Mt Manunggal.

THINGS TO DO IN SOUTH CEBU Tourist Spots Attractions and Things To Do and Experience

Waterfalls adventure

Apart from the breathtaking view of the mountains, Cebu has several stunning waterfalls too. Among them is Kawasan Falls as several beautiful waterfalls there are perfect for swimming. There are plenty of restaurants and a heart-stopping adventure, particularly for thrill-seekers. From Kanlaob River to the Kawasan Falls you can do canyoneering. Canyoning involves walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, rappelling, and swimming through a river either upstream or downstream which will make your trip more fun and exciting.

THINGS TO DO IN CEBU Tourist Spots Attractions and Things To Do and Experience

Beach Getaway

Bantayan Island is one of the best and unspoiled beaches in the Philippines. It is situated at the northern end of Cebu's Island. It is sometimes referred to as paradise beach due to its stunning view with a crystal clear blue ocean. There are lots of activities to do on the island includes sightseeing, skydiving, cliff diving, etc. Also, a refreshing breeze from the ocean is way perfect for a getaway.

THINGS TO DO IN CEBU Tourist Spots Attractions and Things To Do and Experience

Island Hopping

If you love an island adventure, you may include in your itinerary the island hopping to cruise around. It is the perfect way to explore and experience nature 's wonderful sightseeing attractions. In Cebu, there have been many wonderful Islands to choose from. Island hopping in Mactan is one of the best options, as it is nearest to the airport and even cheaper and you don't have to travel long hours. It is such an incredible experience where you can also go swimming, diving, and snorkeling underwater.

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

A world-class and the largest zoological park is located in the northern part of Cebu, which covers 170 hectares of land. It is set to be the country's premier safari park with an international standard that competes with animal zoos around the world. Various types of animals, great landscapes, and flower gardens can also be witnessed here. Whether you're an animal or nature lover, you'll definitely enjoy spending the whole day with either friends or family. It also has its own Adventure Park, with one of the longest and highest Ziplines in the country. And all guests whether young or old will enjoy this sort of amusement.




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