Destinations You Might Want to Try If You Are a Foodie

People travel for various reasons. Many do it to put their routine on hold and learn more about other places. Those with an interest in trying new foods might actually find the offer a bit overwhelming.

Whether you’re a vegan, a vegetarian, or a meat eater, there are many places you can try to find out more about the locals, their way of being, history, and personality through their food. If you’re new to this, though, and you need a bit of guidance, you might want to plan your next gourmet adventures considering these popular food destinations.

When in Europe

If you’re into Mediterranean diets and mainly European foods, then there are a few places you might want to add to your must-try list. France will help you build lasting memories not only thanks to its history, art, and landscapes but also to its remarkable cuisine. From wines to cheese and decadent desserts, Paris has a lot to offer as far as food is concerned.

An European food experience is not limited to France, though. Sure, you will find great food wherever you go since every country has some dish that once you try, you most probably will remember for quite some time.

A few other places that stand out and are popular among foodies include the Italian region Tuscany known for its homemade pasta and wines, Spain and its unique and varied dishes, and London, England.

What’s great about the latter is not only the fact that you can try traditional British foods but you will also find a rich selection of international cuisine restaurants, which means you can try Indian, Italian, Spanish, or Thai food in just one city. It is considered the food capital of the world, after all.

Asian treat

Whether you’ve already tried Asian food before and you’re interested in new culinary endeavors or you’re new to this and don’t know where to start, there are a few places every foodie should try. If you haven’t experienced sushi or you did so and you’re a big fan, then you might want to go for a Japanese food experience and visit Tokyo.

Many people who have done so agree that this is where you can have probably the best sushi in the world. But Japan is not only about sushi. Your experience there won’t be complete if you don’t participate in the well-known tea ceremony. Plus, the fish market is so rich there. You will find many new foods that have gained their popularity for good reasons.

And then there’s Thailand, the home of street food. You will find push carts and sidewalk vendors in other countries, too, but in Thailand, you will find mostly that. Street food is everywhere you go, which makes it extremely convenient for you to cater to your hunger when it arises. From grilled satay to Thai noodles and fragrant rice, there’s something to meet almost any preference.

New York City, USA

If you can’t travel to Asia or Europe and you find yourself in New York City, rest assured that your culinary adventure won’t suffer that much. Also seen as a food capital, New York City will delight your senses with anything you want from ramen to pasta and burgers. It’s almost impossible not to find the foods mentioned above. They say culinary trends are born here and that’s for a good reason.

Before embarking on such a tasty journey, though, make sure you do your research and keep an eye on the foods you should avoid in case you have any health condition that requires so. Just like you do your research when buying things, be it fashion, some new home items, or even soldering microscopes, it is best to read and gather information about the place and foods you want to try in order to avoid mishaps.


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