4 Tips for Surviving Long Road Trips

4 Tips for Surviving Long Road Trips

Every travel enthusiast out there will tell you the same thing: adventures are awesome but, sometimes, planning for the little things can make your journey so much more fun and easy. This is especially true with long commute times, like long-distance flights or road trips. Taking a road trip is one of the best traveling experiences you can get, and it can allow you to truly discover the places you visit. But it can also get a bit tiresome, so it is better to think of some of its aspects ahead. If you find yourself hitting the road for quite a long time, either with company or on your own, always remember to take care of some fundamental issues before you go.

Take Care of Yourself

Remember to make the trip as comfortable and fun as you can for you and those traveling with you. Traveling through a foreign land can be intimidating sometimes, so make sure you familiarize yourself with some basic driving rules before you get there. Always have at least two alternate drivers on board if traveling with others, so that if one driver is tired or something unexpected happens, the other can take over. If you are on your own, then be sure to write down any phone numbers you might need in case of a road emergency and have a cellphone with good connection and a GPS, as well as all the maps you might need. Finally, while we all love traveling and exploring, everyone can get a bit homesick sometimes. Keep in touch with your loved ones and take care of yourself by doing activities that matter to you. If you are a hiking enthusiast, find a hiking trail to visit during your trip - or if you are a foodie, make a list of great restaurants along the road.

Entertainment Is Key

Driving for long hours can be a double-edged sword. If you are traveling through a spectacular and scenic route, then it gives you the autonomy to stop at will, explore the place, and get some Instagram-worthy photos. But sometimes you find yourself driving a boring highway for hours on end – and then it can get a bit boring. Plan ahead on ways to inject some fun into your life! Make sure you also have something fun to do during your nightly rest stops: if you are a hardcore NCAA fan, then find out how to watch March Madness online while you are away, or download your favorite shows on Netflix to catch up. And, if you like doing yoga, bring your yoga mat along with you to start your morning with some stretches. In case you are traveling alone, then you could try bringing some binge-worthy audiobooks along to hear on the road. Even if you are not a particularly avid reader, if you do some research beforehand, you are bound to discover some titles that speak to you. Another option is to go for podcasts – and you can find anything from comedy to niche social commentary. Traveling with friends? Remember to settle on music that you would both like to hear for hours on end before you start your trip – otherwise, things could get heated. But traveling with others on long road trips is a true blessing, as you can play all sorts of fun games, like 21 Questions or the car sign game. Do some research and you will find tons of ideas for fun games to play!

4 Tips for Surviving Long Road Trips

Rest Regularly

Always give priority to your safety: never drive for too long, especially when you are feeling tired or sleepy. It is much better to pull over and take a quick nap than to put yourself and potentially others in danger. It is important to stop every two to three hours – or every 100 miles – in order to get some rest, take a bathroom break, or simply walk around for a bit. This will help you clear your head, get rejuvenated and feel less tired at the end of the day. While you are taking a break, it is also good advice that you do some stretching exercises to keep your muscles more relaxed and avoid strain.

Invest in Your Meals

When you are spending long hours on the road, you often get tempted to eat a lot of junk food and just eat whatever is available in order not to waste much time. But, while this might be alright for a couple of days, maintaining bad and unhealthy eating habits long-term can cause tiredness and even frustration. Make sure to have at least one proper, hearty meal each day, and that you stop and take your time eating. It is much better to keep your energy levels high than to make great time by arriving at your destination too early. Planning your meals ahead can help you save money: start off with some homemade sandwiches and keep energy-packed healthy snacks in the glove compartment for when you are feeling puckish – like some great homemade granola bars. And always, always bring a lot of water with you to keep well-hydrated.

Road trips can be one of the most amazing vacation trips you ever take – just remember, it is as much about the journey as it is about your destination.

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